An independent review found that the operators of two coronavirus pandemic-ravaged Victorian nursing homes were not prepared for the state’s second surge

Canberrans, who returned to the state capital from the south coast of New South Wales last night to avoid travel restrictions, have voiced their anger that the changes ultimately didn’t affect them

ACT health authorities have now clarified their advice to travelers after new quarantine rules created confusion

As governments across the country responded to the growing coronavirus outbreak on Sydney’s northern beaches, ACT Health issued a public health ordinance last night that went into effect today

The order forces anyone who has been in the greater Sydney area, the Blue Mountains, the Central Coast, or the Wollongong area to isolate themselves for 14 days when they join the ACT

Travelers must also notify ACT Health that they will arrive in Canberra by completing an online declaration

However, ACT Health’s initial advice was that the restrictions also affected people who had visited the Shoalhaven area – a popular summer vacation spot for Canberrans that includes Nowra, Jervis Bay, Ulladulla and Bawley Point

Kerryn Coleman, ACT chief health officer, told ABC Radio Canberra that she and Health Secretary Rachel Stephen-Smith had “deeply regretted” the confusion

“We work in good faith to try to present the situation as accurately as possible and as current as possible, “said Dr Coleman

“We have edited NSW’s information in accordance with the NSW government website

“And we are doing everything we can to update the information as much as possible this morning”

The clarification came too late for dozens of people telling ABC Canberra the council changed their vacations

Incredible the Shoalhaven area was a mistake / mistake in the ACT Health COVID-10 alert! My brother rushed out of my house from Lake Tabourie last night to return to Canberra before the border restrictions went into effect at midnight! Not a problem with closing the borders, but Jesus Christ, you’re talking about a huge mistake causing unnecessary chaos and stress! Thanks for clarifying Denise

What the Stuff Hurried back from Jervis Bay three nights early last night. Small thing compared to what others are going through, but avoidable if someone had spent a little more time getting the list right before the announcement yesterday David

Maybe next time the ACT government should post everything on the website with the correct information before telling people they have less than six hours to get home in the middle of the night, thank you for that ruined our Christmas on the coast Sophie

Dr Coleman said ACT Health was “happy to get feedback,” but employees would do their best in a rapidly evolving situation

“That went very quickly yesterday and we advise and also work with all other jurisdictions”

In the meantime, the ACT registered a new COVID-19 case yesterday – the first known infection in almost a month

The case concerns a Commonwealth officer in her forties who has returned from overseas and is in hotel quarantine

She was born on 12 Tested positive for coronavirus on the day of her hotel isolation and is still in quarantine

No infections were identified today, but the ACT government warned that the demand in testing centers is high and Canberrans should be ready to wait

A decision made on Friday to restore the Weston Creek Walk-In Center to normal operations has also been reversed due to demand

In contrast to some states, the ACT has decided against establishing a border authorization system Instead, the authorities expect all travelers to voluntarily declare their entry

All individuals from the nominated areas must self-isolate and be tested for coronavirus for 14 days from the time they leave the area

ACT Health states that an exception for people to quarantine rules will only be considered if they are:

Authorities say they are not granting exemptions to people simply because they want to spend time with family over Christmas and New Years or because they return a negative COVID-19 test

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