Hours after the Wooroloo fire tonight, two new fires threaten homes in the southwest

At Yallingup and Injidup – 7 miles apart – there were emergency flame warnings, both of which started just before 6:30 a.m.

As the fires through the giant fire of 11000 ha, dwarfing 86 homes in Perth’s eastern hills this week, the Yallingup fire burned near the tourist attraction of Ngilgi Cave

Shortly before 930 a.m., the emergency warning for the injidup fire was downgraded to the advisory level. More than 100 firefighters contained the now stationary fire

There is still a bushfire emergency warning for the Yallingup fire The DFES states that the location is still exposed to fire hazard, but at a reduced level

There were also more than 100 firefighters in this fire. The area between the two fires was on guard and action level

A Yallingup resident in the DFES “Red Zone” area said at 8:00 pm this evening that she could see smoke but had not yet been asked to evacuate

“I can see a lot of smoke. There are also people who walk frantically, but I haven’t been told what to do – the pub is still full of people,” she said

“People jump in their cars and walk around me. It wasn’t until I saw it on Facebook that I even knew there was a fire. From where I am, it looks big, but it’s also starting to rain, which is good.” is ”

“It has only just started to rain and we can expect 30-50 milliliters of rain to fall overnight in this region,” said a BOM spokesman tonight. The parts list also predicts wind gusts of up to 45 km / h

“We’re going to see some pretty strong east and southeast winds of up to 30-45 km / h for the next 24 hours,” he said

The residents of Yallingup and Injidup were quick to respond with support for those who had to evacuate to safety

A resident went to Facebook to offer her Airbnb to those in need as free accommodation

“Hopefully it will rain in Yallingup, but if someone evacuating needs help, we also have free BNB cabin accommodation with a king room, queen bed and sofa bed We are in Margaret River Pass to take care of you, “read the post

An evacuation center for those affected by the Yallingup fires has been set up at the Geographe Leisure Center

Yallingup fire

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