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After keeping two and a half quarters of things close, the Milwaukee Bucks blew the Golden State Warriors 138-99 in their Christmas Day matchup. The Bucks led in the fourth quarter by up to 43 points and left 3s from anywhere on that Raining ground Khris Middleton led the bucks in their defeat and ended the game with 31 points, five assists, four rebounds and two steals in just three quarters of the action.The reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo was slow at the gates for Milwaukee, ended the game but with 15 points and 13 rebounds

While the end result reflected a one-sided competition, do the Warriors the honor of keeping things close for as long as possible, and Golden State kept the bucks within reach for the majority of the game, thanks to rookies James Wiseman and Stephen Looking like the best player on the ground for Golden State on multiple occasions, Curry Wiseman blocked shots, threw 3s and went to great lengths to defend himself against Giannis.Curry had an incredibly inefficient game but ended the night on 19 points in 28 minutes

The Bucks are now 1-1 on the season, while the Warriors are without a win in two blowout losses to some of the top teams in the East

Without Middleton’s efficient performance today, the Bucks would have been in a dangerously close game against an inferior Warriors team. It all fell to the two-time All-Star today, and Milwaukee took it as Giannis struggled to be in a unified throughout the game Getting Rhythm He threw down 3s, where he finished 6-of-8 in the afternoon, collecting assists and bringing in a couple of steals, both of which resulted in easy buckets for him or a teammate

Middleton’s performance is a prime example of what the bucks can still do in spite of Antetokounmpo. Often in retrospect, Middleton showed that he can easily carry the offensive burden if he relies on it, and in an efficient matter no less after a performance of 27 points, 14 rebounds and eight assists in the opening defeat to the Celtics, Middleton carried over his efficient play into this matchup, exposing the Warriors for their weak defense against him

If this is a forerunner of what Middleton can expect this season, then Milwaukee can very well be ranked No. 1 repeat 1 seed in the Eastern Conference

Historically, Curry has not done well at Christmas Day games in his career. In his last seven appearances before today’s game, he averaged just 122 points, shooting an abysmal 295 percent off the field and even worse 188 percent off the 3rd -Points range The Warriors haven’t had much success at Christmas either, since Curry was in the league and had a 3-4 record before today’s defeat

Unfortunately, Curry didn’t break his “curse” against the bucks on Christmas Day today and finished the game with 19 points, while he shot 20 percent from depth and 353 off the field. These 19 points are the highest he has ever done on Christmas has scored, which is well below the average we normally see from the sharp-shooting quick release Curry Granted, this is only the second game for him after missing the majority of last season with a broken left hand So it’s obvious he’s still working in game form

Shots that normally fell at him from outside the arc rattled off every part of the rim, and every miss was deafening with the loud microphones the NBA has on the back of the rim. At one point, Curry even got a 3- Pointer shot in the air and it wasn’t even close to the two-time MVP deserves a sizable hiatus, not only because he hasn’t played an NBA game in 14 months, but because the teammates around him are vastly different He’s got neither Klay Thompson out there flanking him on the wing, nor Draymond Green – for now – to wreak havoc on both ends of the floor

Curry has to carry this Warriors team on his back as he works his way back from a serious hand injury that certainly affected his shooting has been a tough outing for the 32-year-old superstar, but hopefully it’s just him, who is getting back into rhythm and not a problem he is dealing with this season. Otherwise, the warriors face another long, dark season with many losses

If there was a silver lining to the Warriors in today’s blowout loss, it was No 2 overall pick James Wiseman’s performance against the Dollars in his first game on Christmas Day, the 7-1 rookie center finished the afternoon 18 points, eight Rebounds and three blocks while it went 3-4 from the deep.He also had typical rookie mistakes, like negligent fouls and missed defensive missions, but he also did an admirable job while facing the reigning MVP

After the game, Warriors coach Steve Kerr said they would improve Wisemans minutes after two quality starts for the rookie, while he’s not where he needs to be defensive, his offensive contribution in both games for the Warriors is evidence of that That He Should Be More On The Field Though Golden State leaves Milwaukee at a loss, Wiseman’s performance should be a ray of hope, knowing that they’ve picked him right so far with the second choice on the draft

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Bucks have opened things up and are now 30 points ahead, swing the white flag, it is as good as over

Bobby Portis knocks down a 3 and the money just went up by 20, incidentally, all of this without a dominant performance by Giannis today

Middleton works his way up to 30 pieces in this game, in fact 40 points would not be unrealistic for him at the moment

Middleton, who blamed the money for this game, has up to 26 points after that open 3-pointer

The Warriors manage to hang around in this game mostly because Giannis didn’t have the typical big game we’d expect Middleton and DiVincenzo to keep MIlwaukee at the forefront for the most part in this competition

Oubre seems to be under a lot of pressure in this game, he has missed every single 3-pointer, not only in this game but also in the first game of the season at this point, he’ll have to find other ways to score since then this long miss led to an easy transition for Giannis

An excellent ball movement by the bucks on this trip causes Giannis to go to the line

Giannis got off to a strong and aggressive start in the second half after only collecting 6 points in the first half

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Bucks vs Warriors

World News – AU – Bucks vs Warriors NBA Christmas Day Takeaway: Milwaukee is too much for Steph Curry, Golden State, to win