Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews was relocated from intensive care last week after a vertebral fracture in the fall

Mr. Andrews slipped on wet stairs in a vacation rental on the Mornington Peninsula while preparing for work on Tuesday morning

He broke the T7 vertebrae in the middle of his spine and broke several ribs in the fall

Alfred Hospital has confirmed that he will move from intensive care to a ward on Saturday

The director of the intensive care unit, Associate Professor Steve McGloughlin, said Mr. Andrews was in good spirits

Prof McGloughlin confirmed that there are currently no plans to operate on the Prime Minister’s injuries

The Prime Minister issued a statement thanking the Alfred Hospital team for their care and professionalism

The good news is that there is currently no surgery – but the doctors tell me recovery and rehab are still a very long way to go.Thank you to the entire team at @AlfredHealth for the care and professionalism, as do all of our healthcare professionals are they the best of Victoria BildTwittercom / 8PFxKsUJrh

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Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews

World News – AU – BREAKING: Update on Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews after the fall