Heavyweight giants Joseph Parker and Junior Fa will fight in Auckland, the first time two of the top five boxers in the world have competed from New Zealand

But the undercard was absolutely wild – with some low-blow controversy and a circus showdown with a 45kg and 30cm difference between two heavyweights

Only watch Junior Fa versus Joseph Parker at the Foxtel Main Event on Saturday, April 27th February at 5:30 a.m. ORDER AEDT NOW>

The pair met four times in the amateur ranks and shared two wins apiece, but now meet again for the first time in eight years.The winner of this blockbuster could be the WBO’s mandatory challenger against the winner of Oleksandr Usyk Joe Joyce to be the intertitle

29-year-old Parker (27-2) only lost to British superstars Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte, but has since recovered with a knockout win (his 21st) against Shawndell Winters in February 2020

For Fa, 31 years old and unbeaten in 19 professional fights (10 KOs), the fight is the biggest chance of his career.He currently holds the WBO Oriental interim heavyweight title, with his last fight in 2019 being a unanimous decision over Devin Vargas was

Parker is # 3 and Fa # 6 with the WBO, with the pair battling for the WBO Oriental title, putting the winner in the best position for a heavyweight title against the winner of Usyk-Joyce, despite Parker declaring has that he wants to face Derek Chisora ​​before this fight

Parker weighed 1089 kg, typical of his career, while Fa tipped the scales at 1181 kg

In addition to the large difference in weight, Fa offers a range advantage of 11 cm and a height of 3 cm

Parker said he wasn’t paying attention to bigger things, just focused on winning tomorrow

“Anyone can talk about the other fights in the future, but I will only focus on Junior Fa … this is the fight that matters most to me. It makes no sense to think about future fights unless I look at Junior Fa come by ”

Only watch Junior Fa versus Joseph Parker at the Foxtel Main Event on Saturday, April 27th February at 5:30 a.m. ORDER AEDT NOW>

In the second TV fight of the evening, Panuve Helu and Nik Charalampous were awarded a draw in an incredibly controversial manner

Charalampous landed dozens of shots below the belt during the fight. He was warned in the second round and scored a point in the fourth

But he continued to aim at Helu’s groin, even though the referee said several times in the sixth and final round, “Bring those blows up”

But in the end, and after a long delay, the judges called it a tie – both fighters had a 58-56 scorecard in their favor and the third judge called it a 57-57

Seriously, is this what boxing has become in New Zealand? This referee should never be in a boxing ring again #ParkerVsFa

I love the fact that I watch the boxing this morning These low beats are ridiculous, however # DAZN # ParkerFa

In the next fight, it took two-time Commonwelath Games gold medalist David Nyika just 20 seconds to get a KO in his very first professional fight

He caught the awkward opponent Jessie Maio with a right hook behind the ear after Maio ducked into a shot and sent Maio to the ground

The underdog complained that the shot fell to the back of the head – perhaps in the hope of a point deduction from the referee – but didn’t get back on his feet within 10 seconds

The referee had no choice but to abandon the fight under bizarre circumstances The win was confirmed as a TKO in the first round

Wow great Jesse Maio ducked under a punch, went down and didn’t get up in time for the count. He may have very few, if any, complaints, sure? #ParkerFa

Is that really a Maio guy? “He leaned over, fell, and didn’t get up to count ten What a joke”#ParkerFa

In the middle of the night the ring announcer came into the ring and announced in his brand voice that Auckland would be closed the next morning

It was a bizarre moment in which 8000 people in the Sparks Arena hollow out the news – before they cheer when the announcer declared that the fighting would continue

Can you imagine telling a box crowd that they are going to be blocked again? brave announcer & way to kill the fighting mood #ParkerFa

The ring announcer announcing a local lockdown in Auckland tomorrow morning while doing so with his ring announcer voice is the highlight of 2021 # boxing # ParkerFa

The last undercard fight was more of a sideshow than a professional showdown

Lange spent most of the fight on the ropes, taking one absolute blow, but landing a series of large shots for the smaller fighter – including a knockdown in the middle of the eight-round fight

But eventually Ahio paid for the damage and put Long on the ground for 2 minutes and 55 seconds on lap 7 in an earth-shaking bang

It was an absolutely wild fight the likes of which we don’t see often. There was a lot of mind games – Ahio backed away and asked Long to leave the safety of the corner, Long was never gracious – and even raised his hands once or twice at a victory celebration

Does Eddie even know what kind of battles are going on under his advertising company? This is a complete circus 😂 #ParkerFa

This fight between Ahio and Long is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in a boxing ring #ParkerFa

What a fight, oh my god, this is too early in the morning too much for me #ParkerFa

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