Anyone traveling from New South Wales to Queensland will now need a Border Clearance ID to enter the state, with the system re-establishing overnight

All returning Queensland residents who have been anywhere in New South Wales also require a border pass

In response to the growing COVID outbreak on Sydney’s northern beaches, stricter restrictions were announced on Saturday

Residents of Sydney’s Northern Beaches are required to apply for an exemption to enter Queensland and, if granted, be placed in hotel quarantine for 14 days

Anyone arriving from the greater Sydney area or the Central Coast are asked to take a COVID test upon arrival and to quarantine themselves until they receive their results

While there are no checkpoints, drivers crossing the border will still be asked to display their border passport on their windshield

“We will not have barriers at the borders, but we will put up electronic signs letting everyone know that they need a border passport and the police will conduct random audits and controls when people come across the borders” said Minister of Health Yvette D’ath

Police have warned that people risk fines of $ 4,003 for providing false information about their border passport

Just answer no, no, no on the border pass and you are ready for QLD!
Thousands cross the border every day, random checks will catch only a few
To think the thousands who have paid for QLD vacations are all honest is a joke
Lockdowns for New Years is the bet

Simply answer no, no, no on the border pass and you can opt for QLD
Believing vacationers are honest is a joke

Queensland and its border passes … pffft !!! This horrible, vicious Queensland woman refuses to find permanent border ID SOLUTION for cross-border residents I’ve lived in Tweed for 30 years (and my family and I haven’t been going anywhere in 30 years !!) and so have passed their 17 border crossings in the last 8 months I am NOT going to Robina or Pacific Fair anymore, to shop I only shop in Tweed now a Queensland can hold it!

Border Crossing

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