One bone found by a dog walker on a South Australian beach has been confirmed to be that of a man who has been missing in the area for four months

Police have confirmed that a bone found on Maslin Beach last week belongs to Jesse Corigliano-Quealey, who had not been seen since October last year Image: SuppliedSource: Supplied

A bone found on a South Australian beach last week has been confirmed to be that of a 30-year-old man who has been missing since October 2020

A member of the public found the bone last Tuesday while his dog was walking along Maslin Beach and handed it over to the police

Another DNA test has confirmed that the bone is that of Jesse Corigliano-Quealey, who was killed on Jan. Last October disappeared from the same area

The police are not treating his death as a suspect and a report is being made for the coroner

Police searched the coast for more bones last week after the first one believed to be a forearm was turned in

On Wednesday evening, the police found a second bone, presumably a rib, within 50 meters of the first

Police and SES searched for human remains on cliffs and rough terrain above Maslin Beach last week Image: NCA NewsWire / Brenton EdwardsSource: News Corp Australia

Mr.Corigliano-Quealey was last seen on Thursday the 8th Seen publicly in Lonsdale last October at around 12 noon when he parked his car with a mechanic

Police believe he went home before he disappeared leaving his wallet, phone, keys, and car behind

His mother, Jane Corigliano, told the Adelaide Advertiser last year that it was “uncharacteristic” for her son to leave everything

“I was a little worried about him (last time I saw him) because he was acting a little bizarre and he was a bit paranoid, “she said in November

At the time, she said it was “just terrible not to know what happened to him”

A bone was found by a dog walker on Maslin Beach last Tuesday before police found another the next day Image: NCA NewsWire / Brenton Edwards Source: News Corp Australia

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