Bernard Tomic’s girlfriend provided an intimate look at her hotel quarantine room and stated that they played video games for up to 11 hours on the day

Ms. Sierra, who gives NCA NewsWire an exclusive preview of their quarantine reality, said the couple abandoned the hotel’s menu and ordered Uber Eats instead “because the food is not good”

Ms. Sierra said no one cleaned her room, they did not get fresh sheets and were forced to wash their plates in the sink

Although other players can hit tennis balls against walls and windows in their hotel rooms in videos posted on social media, Ms. Sierra said her “tight space” only allows for “minimal yoga.”

“I played Pokemon for 11 hours in a row yesterday and I think 12 hours the day before,” Ms. Sierra said

Despite the experience that turned out to be boring in two weeks, she cheekily said it would give her more time to “create some good content for my onlyfans,” an X-rated online subscription service

Ms. Sierra stated that Tomic is vegan and that his meals are not regularly served properly, and that the couple have “spent up to $ 200 a day on food”

“It’s a real hit and miss, sometimes the food is good, sometimes not, so we better order our own food,” she said

Ms. Sierra remembered one of her three nights in quarantine when they ordered food after 10 p.m. only to be told that after that hour the food could no longer be delivered to the rooms

“They didn’t tell us there would be no deliveries after 10pm,” she said in her vlog that was filmed in the room as Bernard was working on a screen behind her

“We ordered $ 60 worth of groceries, it was delivered after 11:00 PM, and they refused to take it, so we weren’t allowed to eat our food””

In the video blog posted on YouTube on Monday, controversial Australian player Tomic appears to be opening breakfast and appears very unimpressed with his cold piece of toast

“And even if you order your food they have to inspect it and I don’t know what the hell they’re doing, but by the time the food comes to you it’s so cold,” said Ms. Sierra

She claimed that they had not been allowed to leave her room for three days, that there was “literally no fresh air” and that the room had no balcony

“The point of the bubble is that you should stay in the hotel room, during the day you are allowed to the training ground, the gym … but there have been a couple of positive COVID-19 cases a couple of planes and that delayed everything quite a bit,” said Ms. Sierra

“A lot of people say,” You have decided to travel and that is why you are in quarantine “Well, we had to leave Australia to play the qualifier and play at the Australian Open”

Bernard Tomic, Vanessa Sierra

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