Beau Ryan uncovered an unfortunate contact with the police while filming The Amazing Race last year

The 35-year-old remembered one day eating lunch in Townsville when the police came up to him and asked him to go outside

“I initially thought [the police] would card me for looking so young, but after they suggested we go outside to talk privately somewhere, I thought, ‘Wait a minute, I’m in Difficulty? ‘”Said the host in secret
However, he quickly realized that the reason he was questioned was because he had uploaded a photo to Instagram and tagged himself on a coronavirus hotspot

While Beau was in Adelaide to film the show, he shared a photo and tagged himself in Bankstown to keep the show confidential, unaware that the suburb was a hotspot at the time

“When I explained [to the police] that I had actually been to Queensland at the time but had tagged Bankstown to keep people away from the smell we were shooting up there at The Amazing Race Australia, they felt it well and they even asked for a photo with me, “he explained

The Amazing Race is traditionally filmed around the world, but due to the pandemic, it was filmed entirely in Australia 28 participants competed for the prize of 250$ 000

Before filming the show, Beau had to go through two weeks of quarantine and told his followers he was having problems

“I’ll be right up there: the quarantine is pretty hard isolation, quarantine whatever you want to call it,” he said in a video at the time

“If most people are stuck in a room alone for two weeks, they don’t lose the act of me,” he joked when answering a call from a banana

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