Laura Byrne of The Bachelor has tearfully apologized after posting an Instagram story poking fun at a Kmart doll with Down Syndrome

The story showed Byrne on a shopping spree with her daughter asking for a doll. She added, “Good luck to all of the moms who survived the next week of rain with toddlers stuck in them”

Then you heard her say to her daughter, “I think we have enough crying babies at home, we don’t need another one. And this baby here is really petrifying That’s a scary AF doll ”

When followers pointed out that the doll in question was actually Kmart’s baby Amelia, believed to represent children with Down syndrome, she deleted the original story

“Folks, I just want to get on with this quickly, and I’m probably drawing your attention to something that fuck me i can’t even begin to describe how sorry i’m just got a whole load of messages from people There’s a doll at Kmart that I really thought looked tired and so many of you guys have texted me to let me know that it was actually an inclusivity doll and I feel sick of mine Stomach for the mistake i made i had no idea and i’m really, really sorry for offending someone It was completely unintentional ”

She also thanked those who wrote to her for their kindness and pointed out her mistake, adding:

“I really appreciate that your immediate reaction wasn’t to believe I was an asshole because I would never do that on purpose. Like I said, I feel absolutely terrible so thanks everyone ”

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Laura Byrne

World News – AU – Laura Byrne of the Bachie apologizes in tears after making fun of the doll with Kmart-Down syndrome