Sydney to keep the 10-visitor rule, but from 24 until 26 December children under 12 are not counted; The lockdown continues on half of the northern beaches, but small Christmas gatherings are allowed. Follow the latest news and updates live

And now in Queensland, the state has registered a new positive case that was acquired overseas and is currently in hotel quarantine

Coronavirus (# COVID19) Case Update 23/12 New case acquired overseas and discovered in hotel quarantineDetailed information on COVID-19 cases in Queensland can be found here: https: // tco / kapyXpSIAP BildTwittercom / yC04lhUqZT

The Parafield cluster in South Australia has been declared “closed” by health officials after the state flagged four weeks since the last outbreak-related coronavirus case was quarantined

The cluster initially forced the state into a brief lockdown after health officials linked positive cases to a housekeeper and security officer at the Peppers Medi Hotel and Woodville Pizza Bar

Thirty-three people tested positive as a result of the outbreak. There were no new locally acquired cases today

Prof Nicola Spurrier, the state’s chief public health officer, welcomed the opportunity to end the outbreak

The hard work of every South Australian to get tested, wash your hands, follow all instructions and a big thank you to my team at CDCB for the fantastic contact follow-up and SAPOL for continuing to work with enforcement during this time Pandemic

Anyone who has visited the following venues is considered a close contact and must be immediately tested and isolated for 14 days whether or not there is a negative result:

Anyone who has been to the following venues is a casual contact that needs to be tested and isolated immediately until a negative result is received:

Anyone who has been to the following venues is an occasional contact who should monitor symptoms and test and isolate immediately if they occur:

The Australian Medical Association has urged the New South Wales government to cancel the New Year’s Eve fireworks

In a statement, the AMA welcomed the government’s caution but said it had to seriously consider canceling the annual NYE fireworks display to “discourage the crowds and avoid confusion in their public news”

The AMA Federal President, Dr Omar Khorshid, said the outbreak could not have come at a “worse time” and urged the government to make the difficult decision

We all need to be extra vigilant during this holiday season to stop the spread of Covid-19, especially this time of year when people are traveling, attending events, and spending time in close proximity with family and friends

We must be ready to tighten general restrictions even further if we continue to see evidence of the virus spreading outside of the northern beaches

The AMA said the current restrictions should remain in place until community transmission has been achieved

The President of AMA NSW, Dr Danielle McMullen, also called on the government to mandate the use of indoor masks in areas of known transmission by the Sydney community

This has been accepted by the Victorian community and there is no reason NSW should not follow suit, masks work, especially when people cannot physically distance themselves

I can’t believe I have to say (write?) this, but there is a text message scam that is doing the rounds asking for donations to confirm positive Covid test results

@NSWHealth is known to see # COVID19 scam text messages asking for donations or confirming positive COVID-19 test results NSW Health is also known to have a scam asking for donations for @BreastScreenNSW BreastScreen NSW is part of NSW Health ImageTwittercom / t47e0lyaGD

NSW Health does not solicit donations or send text messages to people of a positive test result.If you test positive, you will receive a call from a health officer, likely on a private number

When you have received the text, call Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000

Queensland Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk said it was “a little rich” for NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian to criticize states and territories for closing their borders with NSW

Palaszczuk said at a press conference today that Queensland closed the border on independent health advice and was reluctant to suggest it would be responsible for any Christmas mess

If there hadn’t been a cluster outbreak on the northern beaches, no one would have had to take these measures, and everyone would have seen their family and friends during this Christmas / New Years period to accuse any other state or territory that it wants to accuse

Although Palaszczuk said she wished NSW the best, she added that her state did not want her “lifestyle to be compromised at this point”

More than 100 people tried to cross the border yesterday and were turned away after the prime minister decided on a hard line on Monday

So we start with the opposition leader Anthony Albanese, who calls for a faster and more comprehensive introduction of the Covid vaccine

Albanese told ABC News Breakfast it “doesn’t make sense” to postpone rollout until March when the Therapeutic Goods Administration approves the vaccine in January

January is believed to be the earliest we can get after Australia decided against issuing an emergency permit, as it has done in the US and the UK

Prof Allen Cheng, chairman of the Independent Advisory Committee on Vaccines, spoke to the Guardian and said the March date was not set in stone

There are also implementation issues – the distribution chain, training the staff who will deliver the vaccine, identifying the distribution points, and making sure the safety systems are in place to detect and assess side effects

Thank you Naaman and good afternoon everyone. It’s of course a busy day again, so we’ll stay tuned

With that I hand over to my colleague Mostafa Rachwani, who will bring you the news for the rest of the day. We wish you a nice people’s eve on Christmas Eve

AAP reports that the crowd is unlikely to change for the A-League season opener between Western Sydney Wanderers and Macarthur FC at Bankwest Stadium on Sunday night

The crowds in Sydney’s major stadiums were brought back to 100% seating capacity on Sydney’s northern beaches earlier this month ahead of the Covid-19 outbreak

This has not yet been formally changed, although a number of restrictions have been introduced in the Greater Sydney area

Even if the capacity were reduced to 50%, this would not affect the expected amount of around 10000 people have

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