Attorney General Christian Porter has gone public denying rape allegations after days of suspicion about his identity and a decision by NSW police to shut down his investigation into the case

Mr Porter denied the allegation that he raped a woman in January 1988 and stated that he wanted to stay in the cabinet and in his portfolio

The attorney general made his statement after NSW police said they did not have enough admissible evidence to proceed with an investigation that began in February last year but was suspended in June when the woman found out Took life

Mr Porter declined calls for an independent investigation, saying he would not step down as attorney general as it would mean anyone could lose their jobs on unsubstantiated allegations

“I didn’t sleep with the victim. We had nothing of the sort between us,” Porter said at a press conference in Perth

“I can tell you anything that didn’t happen But I can’t criticize or defend or interrogate anyone. I just won’t do this to this poor woman’s family. I remember a happy time. It was 33 years ago. I remember.” the person as an intelligent, bright, happy person. But I haven’t had any contact with this person at all since 1988 ”

When asked if he could have forgotten what happened, Mr. Porter said, “Could I have forgotten or misinterpreted the things I read that supposedly happened? Absolutely not you just didn’t happen “

Union leader Anthony Albanese said earlier Wednesday that concerns about the claim “would not go away”

The woman alleged that the rape took place in Sydney in January 1988 and that the NSW police made a claim in February of last year However, the investigation stopped in June when she committed suicide

The South Australian Police are investigating the death of the woman in her hometown of Adelaide on behalf of the coroner.

While the woman was preparing a lengthy document about her experience, NSW police said Tuesday the woman had failed to provide formal testimony and there was no evidence to continue the investigation, so it was closed

“After the woman’s death, the NSW police came into possession of a personal document that allegedly had previously been made by the woman. The NSW police have since sought legal advice on these matters,” said the police

“Based on information provided to NSW Police, there is not enough admissible evidence to proceed. This is why the NSW Police Force has determined that the matter is now closed”

Mr Albanese did not ask the Minister to step aside or step down, but said Prime Minister Scott Morrison should not allow the police statement to be the end of the matter

“This requires further guidance and action from the Prime Minister,” Albanese said before the Minister’s statement

“The presumption of innocence is a critical part of our legal system, but now that existing legal processes cannot continue, certainly with regard to NSW police, I think people will be looking for further answers”

The ABC reported Friday night that friends of the woman had sent Mr. Morrison and other politicians an anonymous letter accusing Mr. Porter of rape and containing the woman’s personal statement

Some of her friends have since announced that she told them about the 1988 rape in late 2019. A friend, Dhanya Mani, said the woman approached her after Ms. Mani publicly reported sexual harassment in July that year I spoke of politics

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he received a letter from the woman in June 2020 and spoke to South Australian Police Commissioner Grant Stevens about her allegations shortly thereafter

The South Australian Police confirmed that they had received correspondence and that Mr Stevens had spoken to Mr Turnbull

“It is up to the coroner and SAPOL will not make any further comments,” said a police spokesman

Mr Morrison asked Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw to look into the matter last week after the anonymous letter surfaced, but the police chief has cleared the scope of the federal investigation

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