Whingeing tennis stars should take note of Ash Barty’s stance as the Aussie once again showed why it’s impossible not to love

Tennis: Novak Djokovic inexplicably withdrew from the Adelaide Superslam minutes before kick-off before miraculously returning and impressing the delighted crowd

Quite a few tennis players have not shied away from complaining about two weeks of quarantine ahead of the Australian Open next month They have done nothing to eradicate the perception of some athletes as legitimate and elitist

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But you could never blame Barty for anything like this, for she showed all the gratitude you would expect from someone allowed to do what they love in the midst of a deadly global pandemic

Granted the Queenslander didn’t have to endure the same quarantine conditions as many of her rivals, so it’s only natural that she should be in a better mood than some, but Barty was all class on her return to court even if it wasn’t the dream comeback she had imagined

The Romanian Simona Halep defeated Barty at an exhibition game in Adelaide on Friday evening 3: 6: 6: 1: 10: 8 (in a super tiebreaker), but without worrying about her form, which was the first Grand Slam of the year led to the world No. I couldn’t stop smiling

Barty was just thrilled to play again after eleven months without a competitive game after he decided not to travel or compete overseas in 2020 due to COVID-19

“It’s absolutely fantastic to be back, I really missed it so much,” said Barty. “I’ve gotten a little impatient for the last two or three months and have been preparing for the game

“Of course I’ve been training for the past few months, but nothing can repeat what we just did”

While some stars have spent the past fourteen days being treated like any other traveler who comes to Australia, perhaps they should have taken a sheet of Barty’s book and just thanked them for coming Down Under and earn a living in the US are allowed to place first

After the match, Barty laughed like crazy and grateful that she could compete against the best in the world again – even in front of fans, which Halep is not used to these days

And the 24-year-old isn’t going to throw her toys out of bed if her best form doesn’t come in right away It shows the perspective that some of their rivals are good at mimicking

“A bit of an execution, of course, which we’d love to get right,” Barty said of her performance. “But I just enjoyed it I think that’s the most important thing. I’m looking forward to getting started

I missed sharing a dish with your partner the most, it’s great to be back Thank you Adelaide! Thank you Simo 🎾 BildTwittercom / mOxqlALTZ9

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