In December and January, Bitcoin rose to new levels, hitting a rating of over 35$ 000

But Bitcoin has been losing steam since about the last week and is now around 31$ 000, which is by no means bad, but shows no signs of exponential growth like it did a few weeks ago

This could be a bit of a disappointment for many Bitcoin owners. However, not all cryptocurrencies are on a downward trend, some are even up to 80 percent above their previous value

The cryptocurrency we’re talking about here is Dogecoin In case this name sounds familiar, you’re right, the coin is actually named after a meme from Doge Shiba dogs well known in Japan

The cryptocurrency was created by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer who made this a joke – a fun way to bypass traditional banking fees in 2013

Reports have shown that Dogecoin is up 80 percent while trading volume has increased exponentially – over 800 percent Dogecoin has hit $ 0138 on Jan. Jan Jan Yeah that’s barely a penny but it was a crazy spike anyway. To put things in perspective, Dogecoin was trading at USD0047 during Jan. December 2020

The increases also led to a sudden surge in interest in social media platforms Activity on Twitter has reportedly increased 300 percent and there is no sign of slowing Even the hashtags #dogecoin and # dogecoininto1dollar are trending on Twitter in the US Last month, even Musk promoted Dogecoin on Twitter when Bitcoin was on the rise

People on social media are asking people who own Dogecoin to stay on the leash and wait for its value to reach $ 1, although it may take the Shiba-inspired cryptocurrency to get there

Dogecoin value

World news – AU – If Bitcoin slows down, Dogecoin value rises 80% in the last few hours