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There were 213 Queensland players culminating in football in their country of origin and of those 26 – a mark above 12 per cent – entered the most sacred field in rugby league only once

The reasons are many, but for most of them, it ultimately boils down to either bad luck, bad timing, or a bad day at the office

However, not all are stories of bad luck and what might be out there.There are several greats of the game among these one-shot wonders, including Immortal Rugby League, ’82 Invincibles, several Dally M Rookie and the Honored Team of the Year, And first tournament winners and kangaroos

A large portion of the donors are players whose acting pity extended into the early 1980s – including 13 in the inaugural country of origin match in Lang Park in 1980 which Queensland won 20-10

There are now 78 players (52 from NSW) across NSW and Queensland who have competed once. This number was 84 after the 2020 Origin I but it has decreased with a group of players appearing for the second time Wednesday night at ANZ Stadium

Soloists are divided into 26 out of 213 performers in Queensland and 52 out of 293 blues – a fact that will delight the hearts of those whose maronite sunglasses disappeared upon presentation with more evidence that Queenslanders are “getting” the original

With that in mind, NRL has come up with two teams of players who have one Origin appearance in their name

When selecting teams, when a tiebreak was necessary, we chose the player who had the best effect in making his only appearance in Origin over the player with his most impressive overall career

In the lead up to the 2020 Brisbane Origin match, Premier League com will search the single-player Maroons team Check out last week’s story for the Blues One-Gamers squad

One-off Team: 1 Greg Holben, 2 Terry Butler, 3 Graham Quinn, 4 Adrian Vowles, 5 Bruce Astel, 6 Corey Norman, 7 Greg Oliphant, 8 Arthur Bateson (c), 9 John Lange, 10 Danny Notley , 11 Road Reddy, 12 Ethan Lowe, 13 Scott Sattler Interchange: 14 David Stagh, 15 Scott Trunk, 16 Bruce Walker, 17 Owen Cunningham

With a very shallow cohort of players who can indulge in the Maroons squad has far fewer big names – a deficit that blatantly reveals itself in the defense

At back, we picked Greg Holben (7-11 in the second game in 1982). Odeh Al-Mafseh and goalkeeper Holban played for the East’s and Brothers in Brisbane, scoring the last-minute winning goal in the 1978 Grand Final

On the wings are Terry Butler (10-6 loss in the second game in 1983), the Wynom winger who played four games without trial for the North Sydney Bears in 1986, and Bruce Astell (43-22 match 3) Winning in 1983), whose original story makes a great trivia question.

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Astiel is the original Queensland No. 15 player because he was chosen as a reserve in the opening clash but neither he nor his reserve teammate Norm Carr took over the field Carr went to play three matches but Estelle’s only official appearance came in ’83

In the center is Graham Quinn (who lined up alongside Holban in Game Two, 1982), one of the Bath children and two-time winner of the First Dragon Championship, and Adrian Fowles (losing the second match 14-0 in 1994), who played three Tests with Scotland and was sent off in the North Queensland Cowboys’ opening match

Line up on La 6 Jersey is Dragons playmaker Cory Norman (26-20 losing Game 3 in 2019)

His first-half partner is the original 1980’s Greg Oliphant, a great contender for Blues One-Gamers captain Tommy Raudonikis, who played two Test and had two seasons with Sydney’s Balmain Tigers

The first Queenslander on the team sheet, captain of the Maroons One-Gamers, is the man responsible for the birth of the partner spirit in Origin – Arthur Bateson

Immortal Beetson has played in Rugby League 17 times in NSW and it was in the final season of the club’s career that kicked off with Balmain in 1966 when he ignited a one-time 1980 match by putting one on Eels’s jaw-mate Mick Cronin p>

Join in the front row is bitch John Lange, another ancestor from 1980 who appeared in Eight Auditions and played his first season in Sydney First Row that year with Eastern Suburbs, supporting Danny Nuttley (32-10 losing Game 3 in 2005)

Journeyman Nutley played 152 games with the Crushers, Sharks and Roosters but that was his only acting appearance

First picked out in the back row is the original 1980 “Rocket” Rod Reddy, which acquired a perfect mix of ’70s of cool skill and uncompromising brutality 82 Invincible 17 Test and maintained it through 237 first-class games for Dragons and Steelers

Copes with newly retired Ethan Lowe (26-20 losses in Match 3, 2019), who kicked four of four in his only acting debut and finished with 143 first-row appearances for North Queensland and Southern Sydney when a neck injury ended his career


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Lock scrum is the final grand champion of 2003 Scott Sattler (27-4 losses in the second game, 2003) – 203 flight games with gulls, roosters, rippers, cheetahs and tigers – whose maroon jumping goes well with Todd Byrne’s two biggest matches at Stadium Australia that year

The first player on the bench is David Stagg (17-16 loss in First Match, 2006), who was the 2009 Dally M Lock of the Year and scored 206 times with the Broncos and Roosters

Then we have Scott Trunk (26-18 wins in First Match, 1988), who played 92 matches for the Magpies, Broncos, Bulldogs and Rabbitohs between 1987 and 1994; Bruce Walker (20-16 second game loss in 1982), a back rowing player whose victory in the Presidency in 1978 was the highlight of his career in 226 games with North Sydney and Manley

The Man Is Shirt 17 is Sea Eagles striker Owen Cunningham (15-14 loss in Game Three, 1996), another player who added three Premier League matches with Queensland to the highlights of his 15-year and 275-game career

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