Love Actually, it has become an integral part of the Christmas movie calendar not only because of its all-star cast and its festive feel, but also because of its many, many mistakes

We’ve already talked about how problematic the celebratory favorite is – from the constant workplace harassment in pretty much every story to fat shame – but on our 17th Love watch it is painfully clear that there are parts that make no whatever feel

We can expose disbelief in most Christmas movies – for example, the Wet Bandits would have been killed for about five minutes in Kevin’s booby trap in Home Alone – but for a movie set in the real world in the early 1990s, it can’t offer the same forbearance

As we prepare in our PJs for a burst film marathon armed with mince pies and a bottle of Baileys, we ask …

Andrew Lincoln, who shows his love for Keira Knightley with posters and a boombox that plays Christmas carols, is the most parodied and ridiculed scene in the film because it’s so damn creepy

Dude, she literally just married your best friend, and Keira, the nice, unrequited act of love, is offensive, it’s not charming

Even more frustrating, however, is that this entire plan was based on Keira’s character Juliet, who opened the door.If Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor) had decided to tell the Christmas carols to fool themselves, he would have his best buddy with one arm Found full cards announcing how much he desires his wife

And then there’s the fact that Peter would have been stupid enough to believe there was a perfectly tuned choir with background music at their door

This is a risky plan on Mark’s part, but this is the man who made his best pals wedding video mostly from close-ups of his wife’s face We doubt he’s ashamed

OK, so Peter and Juliet were wrapped in each other’s eyes, but that was a pretty compact church

So how did you not notice that not only was half the congregation made up of strangers on the happiest day of their lives, but that those strangers had tubas and trumpets in their laps?

As Hugh Grant mentions in the opening address, Love Actually found after 11 September took place – two years after the tragedy to be precise

The airport restrictions have been tightened massively, and to date, due to security, you cannot get more than 100 ml of liquid

So, please tell me, how did the Heathrow staff of all people manage to let a child out of the entrance to a departure gate?

Even if they caught him, they just pushed him out the gate and back to his father if that would have resulted in an arrest or at least a fine in real life

Hugh Grant’s Prime Minister David asked that Natalie (Martine McCutcheon) be redistributed because he was fond of her and couldn’t hold back his feelings for her

This should have resulted in a successful dismissal lawsuit.Instead, she apologized for being sexually harassed at work by the President of the United States and dated him

Like anyone else with purpose, we’re a very professional team, Emma Thompson in Love Actually, and her crying to Joni Mitchell after discovering that a man gave another woman a necklace is a blow every year Face

But we have to wonder why Karen is so mean to her grieving boyfriend Daniel (Liam Neeson)

The day after his wife’s funeral, she tells him to stop crying over losing the love of his life because “no one is going to kid him” if he acts like a “sissy”

For the most part, Christmas parties take place in the office in November, but no, three weeks before the end, Mia can find a venue in central London and get all staff there without six weeks notice

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