It’s the fourth time Team NZ has claimed the mug as it was the second nation outside of the US to win back against America’s Cups

Team NZ led the tenth leg 6: 3 in the overall standings by 46 seconds and never looked threatened

“Oh buddy, it’s unreal, it just means the world to us as a team, and we’re overwhelmed when we are able to achieve what we have as a group and win another America’s Cup – it was simply the most amazing experience along the way, ”said helmsman Peter Burling

Team NZ’s tactics were spot on when they decided to give their opponents the first blow as they held back it allowed New Zealand to get to the right side of Auckland Harbor

“We studied all week and had lots of very steady starts, but we definitely wanted this one, and we were ready to give up on that first path to get there,” said Burling

“We just wanted to have good speed on the hip and lead there. From there we just showed what this boat can do”

After a competitive first lap, Team NZ built a 27-second lead halfway through the race

In the fifth round it was said that Luna Rossa needed Team NZ to either make a “mistake” or to throw the Italians a “hail mary” Neither came when Team NZ crossed to victory

The win came four years after their overwhelming success over the US in Bermuda. When asked what felt better, Burling said it was hard to win in front of his home fans

“It’s so hard to say,” he said, “Definitely winning has all the emotion and just an amazing time in Bermuda, but definitely a much smaller group

: But I don’t think you can imagine a much more special environment than this, with a few thousand boats a day, the village is full. I think the whole team is incredibly proud to do something like this in their local waters to make

Luna Rossa helmsman Francesco Bruni, who also included Australian Jimmy Spithill, said his team could be proud of their efforts

“But I think I have to congratulate Luna Rossa – a great team, I think we have shown the world that we can do it. It’s been unlucky in the last few days, but I think we have great teams as a team Work done ”

Australia last won the America’s Cup in 1983, which led to one of the most famous one-liners in the country

“Any boss who fires someone for not showing up today is a bum,” said Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke on Jan. September 1983

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