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The airline does not have a loyalty program but plans to launch a A section called “Rex Flyer” is located on the airline’s website but is currently inaccessible

We are leaving 30 minutes late, but with good winds the flight will only take an hour and a minute

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There are only three return flights a day this week, but this will increase over the next few weeks as more planes get on the route The airline is planning nine flights a day through the end of the month

Rex has taken over some former aircraft from Virgin Australia since the latter airline’s financial collapse in 2020 Although the exterior has been repainted, the interior cabins remain identical for the moment, including Virgin’s color scheme.There are eight business class seats, 30 “Rextra” legroom seats (still labeled “Economy X” by Virgin) and 138 economy seats Mein Economy seat is 76 inches2 centimeters) and 43 centimeters wide

Before you fly, download some TVs or movies from your favorite streaming service to your device as the only entertainment you’ll find on board is the airline’s magazine, TrueBlue, or the view out the window


At one end of Melbourne’s Terminal 4 there is a small row of check-in counters.It is the same facility previously used to check-in passengers for the airline’s much smaller regional flights to accommodate up to 162 passengers per flight on the To cope with the Melbourne-Sydney route, the airline has added several self-service kiosks. On the day of my flight, there are no queues despite a fairly full cabin

Depending on the type of fare, Rex allows either 7 or 10 kilograms of hand baggage and 15 or 23 kilograms of checked baggage for Economy Class

Legroom is decent even if the passenger in front of me is committing the extreme etiquette violation by leaning back on such a short flight as I can straighten my long legs under the front seat and my knees don’t hit the back whatever is the best one can hope for in business Virgin leather upholstery is retained I would love to travel a longer distance aboard this aircraft

The cabin crew, many of whom have been laid off from other airlines due to layoffs due to the COVID-19 downturn, are friendly and professional Due to the safety requirements of COVID-19, changing seats is a more complicated affair as a record of the seat The Passenger Is Required Despite this extra work, the flight attendants are picking up several passengers near me who want to move to other rows or to window seats.The captain, meanwhile, speaks with the enthusiasm and dark tones of a commercial radio host and holds us up for the entire flight up to date

A snack and drink are served in the pub. Today it’s a small bag of smoked corn, soy chips, and cashews. It’s not a meal, but on such a short flight it’s the best you can expect

Rex, historically a purely regional airline, has announced news with its first foray into the busy Sydney-Melbourne route, in direct competition with Qantas and Virgin Australia, the route was previously the second largest in the world, despite the number of flights being due to COVID-19 has fallen, the airline plans to launch flights from Melbourne and Sydney to the Gold Coast and Melbourne to Adelaide from the end of March

The flight from Melbourne to Sydney is short, so the differences between three full-service airlines on the route are small Entertainment is where Rex is currently lagging behind other airlines, being ex-Virgin aircraft, comfort is the same as this airline’s helpful crew is a strong selling point, but the biggest factor that Rex is currently aiming for , the price is (as low as $ 48 for a one-way trip) The airline has come out of the blocks with a full range of products that can compete with the bigger players

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