Microsoft teams continue to grow in the education market According to Business Insider, Eran Megiddo, corporate vice president of Windows Product & Education at Microsoft, told Microsoft employees that 100 million students had Microsoft teams in a recently held space Use hands-meeting This number shows an increase of 30 million students since the beginning of the 2020 school year in September last year

Microsoft has not publicly disclosed how many students have recently been using Microsoft Teams, but it has been found that “more than 200 million students, faculties, institutional leaders, and teachers are actively using Microsoft Education products – with Microsoft Teams for Education as Turntable, “when several affordable Windows 10 PCs were announced for educational purposes

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how many people are using Microsoft Teams as a whole and other numbers about Teams Microsoft said Teams had 115 million daily active users in October but hasn’t shared an update since based on the most recent Report on How Many People Are Using Teams in Education, the total number of users appears to have increased significantly since October

According to Business Insider, Megiddo also discussed how Windows PCs struggle to compete with Chromebooks in some areas, stating:

In many cases, Chromebooks are still faster and cheaper when buying a Chromebook or Windows PC They are easier to deploy and manage. We cut our work out for us

Microsoft is working to be competitive in the education space in a number of different ways, with the upcoming Windows 10X operating system launching with devices primarily aimed at the education and enterprise market.

With Microsoft Teams, you can collaborate with colleagues, upload files, send messages and chat over videos.It integrates with Office 365 and several other cloud services

Microsoft’s Your Phone app recently gained support for running multiple Android apps on a Windows 10 PC, the feature is limited to select Samsung Galaxy devices

Microsoft is building a Surface PC with two screens that will run a new variant of Windows called Windows 10X, which will be available to the public in late 2020. At the moment, information about the Surface Neo is little, and that seems a to be conscious step to get fans interested and not give the competitors an advantage by putting them on the market So to keep it all inside

The Medium has made many Silent Hill comparisons over the months, and now that the game is out we have some thoughts on what that means for desperate Silent Hill fans

NVIDIA RTX Voice can remove background noise from your streams, voice chats and video conferencing Here you can find all Windows apps with official NVIDIA RTX Voice support

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