The Philadelphia 76ers have just completed a brief road series against the Toronto Raptors at their temporary home in Tampa, Florida. After dropping the first game on Sunday night, the Sixers came back and avoided a sweep in the second Game when they beat the Raptors for the second time this season on Tuesday

Now the Sixers are back in Philly and ready to host the Dallas Mavericks for their first matchup of the year. Last season the Mavericks beat the Sixers both times when they played them, so Philly faces a tough matchup on Thursday a team they haven’t beaten since January 2019

While Dallas’ recent history against the Sixers favors them, the Mavericks haven’t exactly lived up to expectations this year. On the way to the matchup, Dallas sits just outside the Western Conference playoff picture with a 15-15 record >

Meanwhile, the 76ers remain in first place in the Eastern Conference as they play half a game ahead of the Brooklyn Nets with a 21:11 record. Plan to tune in to watch the Sixers and the Mavericks compete against each other on Thursday evening? Here is everything you need to know!

76ers vs Mavericks

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