The Philadelphia 76ers wanted to get back on the road on a difficult path to end their final 4 game road trip They had the perfect opportunity to make it to rivals Toronto Raptors on Sunday

Of course that game wasn’t in Canada as the country closed its borders with the U.S Amid the global COVID pandemic, it was played in Tampa, Florida, but the Sixers continued to fight the Raptors on the street, falling to Toronto 110-103 as they haven’t beaten Toronto on the street in the regular season since November 10, 2012

Ben Simmons returned with 28 points, nine rebounds and five assists to lead Philadelphia after missing two games with a stomach ailment Joel Embiid added 25 points and 17 rebounds, Tobias Harris 13 and seven assists, Seth Curry 12 and six assists and Danny Green nine

Twice in that game the Sixers had double-digit leads and twice Toronto rallied. In the first quarter they led 22-10, it was an 18-2 run to end the quarter for Toronto, an attack by Fred VanVleet and Pascal Siakam Philadelphia led once 72:59 in the third quarter and the Raptors got help on their bench from Chris Boucher to bring them back to the front. He was kept open for three seconds because of poor pick and roll defense since Dwight Howard could not return to him in time and scored all 17 points in the second half

The Toronto rally was due to a combination of turnovers and poor defense where communications were not right and many of them stayed open to Toronto.The Sixers need to realize that it’s game over just because they are double digits have to keep playing hard at both ends and keep the ball moving. The Sixers have to be better at this point and keep playing even though they’re ahead

There were concerns about how Simmons would react after his career high of 42 points against Utah Jazz on Feb.15, but he came out of the jump attacking he hit the streets, pulling fouls and getting his teammates to look openly like Usually Philadelphia doesn’t get those looks without Simmons getting the attention he does every night. Most importantly, he wanted to be basketed and aggressive even though Embiid was down there

Simmons affects the game without having big goal evenings or anything like that, but when he’s aggressive and getting to the edge this is an absolute game changer for the offense This is due to the fact that he’s so skillful and a guy who has a lot of size to go along with. He has the ability to take on a game that scores the ball like in Utah, and he can do it efficiently. He just has to focus on it
Normally the Sixers would turn to Furkan Korkmaz to be the first winger off their bench, in which case coach Doc Rivers turned to rookie Isaiah Joe to find a spark from the bench, and he also turned to Matisse Thybulle before Korkmaz The main reason Korkmaz got playing time was that Thybulle had three fouls and then a technical problem So there was a lot to do just to get Korkmaz to the floor, and he only played for two minutes

Joe had some good moments knocking down a tough, competitive threesome on a catch and shoot moment, and also played a tough defense against Norman Powell, which was a solid performance for the rookie, and if he can still combine some of those performances can he will win the trust of Rivers, which is consistently evolving.He even got minutes in the fourth quarter when Green polluted

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Ben Simmons, Raptors vs 76ers

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