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Now that the starters are announced, it’s time to fill in the rosters with the most deserving remaining names who deserved to make this year’s game? And who just misses the cut?

The NBA announced which 10 players were selected to start the 2021 NBA All-Star Game Thursday night, and for the second straight season, eight players made the final cut on my official ballot, both going east (Team captain Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Bradley Beal) as well as in the west (team captain LeBron James, Nikola Jokic, Kawhi Leonard and Stephen Curry) 4 against 5

While I was walking with Jaylen Brown, who finished second in the media poll, the vote by fan and player Kyrie Irving pushed into the starting grid. Something similar happened in the west: I picked Damian Lillard, who was in both the player and in finished second in the media poll, but the strength of the fan vote put Luka Doncic in the starting XI for the second season in a row

Irving and Doncic are both eminently worthy choices – and in fact, as the final cuts from my starter picks, they were the first names I wrote on the list of reserves I would choose to fill the benches for the show will be next month despite everything, you know, [points to everything in general]

Not that my list is a factor in this selection process While fans, players and media members (like me!) Vote on the starting line-ups, the reserve corps rests with the coaches, but the fact that I won’t influence anything doesn’t mean that I can’t talk about how things should be. this is the internet after all

With all of this figured out, here are the seven players from each conference – three front court players, two guards, and two wild cards regardless of title – that I would choose to make this year’s All-Star Rounding off the squad:

FC Anthony Davis, Lakers * FC Paul George, ClippersFC Rudy Gobert, JazzG Damian Lillard, Trail BlazerG Mike Conley, JazzWC Donovan Mitchell, JazzWC Chris Paul, Suns

Davis’ start to 2020-21 is in some ways similar to what the futuristic Big Gi colleague Giannis Antetokounmpo messed up in the east Neither were as impressive as during their notable 2019-20 campaigns like Giannis’ AD – averaging 225 points, 84 rebounds, 30 assists and 31 combined blocks / steals per game, while 53 percent shot off the field and anchored the best defense in the league Be – did more than enough to deserve an all-star nod

HOWEVER! Since Davis’ recent battle with right Achilles tendonitis will reportedly make it “extremely unlikely” to return to court before the All-Star hiatus, I am forced to name an injury replacement for him (hence the telltale asterisk above) I choose Zion Williamson, who has already recorded more games and minutes than his rookie season and who was an even more devastating offensive force in year 2: 25 points, 68 rebounds and 31 helps in 326 minutes per game, shooting a scorching 618 Percent of the field. Reminder: He is 20 years old. No player so young has ever hit so much and so efficiently The last player to ever come close was Adrian Dantley almost 45 years ago

Already a hoop juggernaut and could technically qualify as a weapon of mass destruction after head coach Stan Van Gundy put the ball in his hands, Williamson has been a point power forward in the Pelicans’ last 12 games The ball possession time, the average number of dribbles per touch, the trip to the basket per game and the assists are well above the level of the previous season In a similar story, a New Orleans offense resulted in 16 games played on 19th Place in offensive efficiency since then having rubbed shoulders with the league’s leading nets I’m going to step on a terribly strong link here and say that I suspect Zion’s first all-star appearance won’t be his last / p>
Before Paul George sustained a toe injury that had sidelined him for the past two weeks, he had perhaps the best start of his career PG has for the role he played in the Clippers’ collapse against Denver last postseason, each Lots of Shit Taken After a healthy off-season and a massive four-year contract extension, he promised to come back with a vengeance So far, it’s good The Star Swingman has paired a highly efficient scoring (244 points on 51/48/91 shooting splits and a career -Best performance 662 true shooting percentage) with higher game volume (career height 5) 5 assists per game) and his usual excellent full defense for a Clipper team that was taken off offensively and always played a first-class defense when George started with an all-star Kawhi Leonard has spoken out on whether the reworked clips do better this postseason than last, ble remains to be seen However, this version of George would surely help

Rounding out the reserve forecourt: the two-way centerpiece of the best damn team in the NBA

There really aren’t any surprises in Gobert’s game The Jazz Center just does what it does. The trick, however, is that it does these things as well, if not better, than anyone else in the league. Few people deny more shots, and few have greater influence over them Opponents shoot 74 percent below their season average with Gobert Contesting, one of the biggest differences in the league. And then they even get it out: Jazz opponents make a significantly lower proportion of their hits on the edge and from the 3-point land when Gobert is in the Center patrols, a combination of their reluctance to challenge him on the sidelines and the confidence of their teammates push up and play in the arc aggressively They know he’s lying in wait to clean up any clutter.He is the biggest reason Jazz is once again at the top of the league in terms of per-possession points – and with its constant on-screen attitude toward Utah’s creators spring up, the threat he poses as a vertical spacer with his elite range The roll finishing and his influence as an offensive rebounder and producer of second chance points are a big reason why Quin Snyder’s Club is also at the top of the offensive charts

He’s far from the only one, however, and two others get two of my last four places The Jazz wouldn’t be the beautiful, brutalizing offensive machine they’ve become without the work of their stellar backcourt

Mitchell didn’t flash the league with the same rage he unleashed in the bubble on Denver, but he has continued his steady growth as No 1 scoring option and playmaker He has become both a more patient passer-by and a large-volume long-range shooter – one of only six players in the league who try at least eight threesomes a night and knock down more than 39 percent of them – which opened up his game to being a slasher and drive-and-kick moderator The result: a career best 242 points and 51 assists per game, spurring Utah into one of the league’s most threatening attacks

As good as Gobert and Mitchell were, I’m not sure whether jazz will achieve this level of dominance – they reached the best league with 24: 5 on Friday with almost the same point differential as the KD Warriors of the first class – without Conley bouncing back from a shaky Utah first season (or, more precisely, continuing the bouncing that started when he got well last February)

Like damn close to everyone else in jazz uniform these days, Conley bombs away and shoots 41 percent from the depth on 68 tries per game, both career highlights.He has proven himself perfectly as a complementary ball handler, on- and off-ball threat, and more reliable Defender established on the back seat and was a common thread in killer jazz line-ups of all kinds: next to Mitchell next to Jordan, the front runner of the sixth man of the year Clarkson and even in small doses as the only nominal guard, flanked by three wings and Gobert, with whom he developed a fantastic chemistry

Conley loves the advanced statistics almost as much as his teammates and basket bloggers: He is in the regulated plus-minus, ESPN’s real plus-minus and FiveThirtyEights RAPTOR metric at the top of the league and in box plus- among the top 20 Minus and profit shares per 48 minutes All of this is influenced to a certain extent by the presence of Gobert More than 85 percent of Conley’s minutes this season have been spent with the All-Star Center on the floor, however, it’s worth noting that the jazz is plus-54 in 99 minutes if Conley is without Gobert this season and one more Bigger Net Score Than Playing Together A humble theory: All of these outlandish numbers also pick up on the fact that Mike is kicking Conley’s ass and finally earning the first all-star appearance in his 14-year career

As I mentioned above, I cast a ballot for Lillard to be on the starting grid Since that didn’t happen, I’ll put him in here as a reserve to see how he marries the mammoth production – 298 points, 77 assists and 44 rebounds per game, shooting 384 percent from depth to 108 attempts per night – with team success that often seems to rest right on his shoulders

The loss of Jusuf Nurkic and CJ McCollum (who was on his way to his own All-Star berth) seemed like a big blow to a Blazers team that had already wrestled but thanks to a bottom-five defense Portland has lost 5-10 without two of its top three players, including six straight wins to finish fourth in the West thanks in large part to its best player. During this month-long stretch, the Blazers are in games of 7: 2 where the score was within five points in the last five minutes Checkers scored 44 points in 14v22 in 30 minutes. This includes a series of late game bombs that are reminiscent of how “Dame Time” became A Thing:

I don’t know if “Clutch” (as an actual character trait some players have and others don’t) existed. If it did, it would probably look very similar to how Lillard would go on to keep the Blazer through it all year after year pulling what they’re up against – a rash of injuries, misfiring roleplayers, defensive inconsistency – wins in games that many other teams would lose. That’s also a pretty handy definition of “all-star” now that you mention it

That left me with one remaining spot and three main rivals: two Suns Guards and DeMar DeRozan, who was great for a team in San Antonio just a game and a half away from fourth place

Yes, much of the credit for the Spurs’ success belongs to a second killer squad led by Patty Mills. As the starters drag San Antonio down, it has become clear that it was LaMarcus Aldridge’s steep decline Acts: The Spurs are minus 73 in 381 minutes, DeRozan and Aldridge share the floor, in 454 minutes plus 54 when DeMar is on the court and LaMarcus is on the bench and surpassing the opponents with a very healthy 4.5 points per 100 non- Trash Possessions The arc of NBA history somehow turned DeRozan into a point small-ball 4, and he’s rolled and thrived with it He drops pennies and hits the free-throw line at (or near) career-best prices, barely flipping the ball while posting the most efficient shooting numbers of his career, and serving as a stabilizer (especially late in games) while the teens are the Spurs continue to grow to their talents

In the end, however, my decision fell on Paul and Booker – a difficult decision made difficult by those wild stats from the successful but strange launch of the Suns: Phoenix is ​​nearly identical (and excellent) Net ratings in Booker-but-no-CP3-minutes and CP3-but-no-Booker-minutes, and were outperformed when they split the dish

Booker has been the biggest threat with a team high of 244 points per game while continuing to cement himself as one of the most flawless artisans in the middle class in the sport Half of his shots were fired in the intermediate areas, and he was drilling 50 percent of them.He gave Paul – as expected – some responsibility for the game and control of the late game – which is to be expected – and his assistant and crunch -Time numbers have dropped as a result, I don’t like the idea of ​​hiring Booker for it If anything, his case should be bolstered by a willingness to make room for a new signing across the league and curtailing some aspects of his individual play for the sake of team success that the Suns have enjoyed only once in the league over the past decade

It’s just hard to raise this above the positive case Paul made He helped bolster a Phoenix defense that ranks seventh at after years of not even nearing league average The number of points allowed per possession He put out even more light than Booker on all those swimmers and pull-ups – 521 percent away from midfield, a tad less than last season but still an elite mark – and has the team with his Signature Brand Led by Supreme Efficiency Just about every advanced statistic you can find – with the exception of RAPM, where Booker has an advantage – suggests that CP3 is making a more significant contribution from possession to possession to profit – it does its job than one, too the game’s deadliest clutch scorer continued Only three players have scored more goals than Paul

this season in crunch time

Add it all up and Paul and I’m about to go over Booker and DeRozan.They’re the first calls when we need alternatives because one or two members of the Western selection suddenly suffer from hamstring or excruciating foot problems when they get the message Approaching for a lockdown in Atlanta

FC Khris Middleton, BucksFC Julius Randle, KnicksFC Jayson Tatum, CelticsG Jaylen Brown, CelticsG James Harden, NetsWC Zach LaVine, BullsWC Fred VanVleet, Raptors

I have to be honest: I’ve had an even harder time with the East than the West One aggravating factor: Although I chose not to choose Harden as a starter, it’s just impossible to ignore the huge statistical records that which he has created in reserve selection since arriving in Brooklyn

Harden’s average of 242 points on 50/40/90 shooting, a league-leading 117 assists, and 82 rebounds per game as the net.He orchestrates the offense in turns when he shares the word with Irving and Kevin Durant (a 4) to 1 assist-to-turnover ratio and only 185 percent usage rate in Big Three minutes) and full one-man army if he doesn’t (294 points when burning 693 real shooting and 116 assists per 36 minutes without she, using 31 percent of Brooklyn’s possessions) Prior to that season, the worst offense in basketball reference com’s database, which dates back to 1973, was owned by last year’s Dallas Mavericks, who averaged 1167 points per 100 possessions with Harden on the ground the nets averaged 1235 points per 100. A lot of people may hate how Harden ended up in Brooklyn, but he’s been exactly as advertised since his arrival and the championship Ancenes of the networks look all the bigger

I had Irving join him on a backup backcourt across Brooklyn This is a fun tongue twister to try if you have something to do while you’re 12th grade like me Pandemic Month Continues to Go Insane With Kyrie finishing in the top five, I’ll be replacing Brown – the best two-way watch for my money in the east of this season –

Already one of the league’s most eclectic and valued wings, Brown has made his offensive ascent into a new stratosphere this season with an average of 25 best careers, shooting 9 points per game to 506 percent, fifth-year swingman is down to a real three -Become a level scorer He shoots 72 percent within the restricted area, 54 percent from midfield, 41 percent from a distance and 77 percent from the foul line.He is on his way to a career high of 113 drives and 48 free throws per game and continues to have the last corners and sanded edges of his offensive play, improved his grip, and became a more active and aggressive playmaker; Brown doubled its assistance rate with no sales accompanying it was a disappointing start in Boston, but despite all the turmoil, Brown has helped keep Boston in the middle of the east playoff package and solidified itself as a no 1 caliber -Talent for himself

Middleton takes a spot on the reserve here to pay tribute to his outstanding performance – 20-6-6 on 51/43/91, splits, best career passerby in a reworked Bucks offense that was one of the most explosive and most consistent defense in the league for a Milwaukee team battling for top spot in the conference.As last season, Robin seems to transform into Batman every time Giannis Antetokounmpo takes off his cape and hood: Middleton averages 30-7 -7 per 36 minutes when playing without the 2x MVP, with a usage rate and real shooting percentage similar to the NBA’s biggest superstars

Middleton, already fatal and pulling up, poses a whole new set of problems for the defense as he’s more dangerous right off the bat (shooting 57, 5 percent on 74 trips per game, both career highs) and suddenly a sharper point of view the playing field When he turned 30 As the year of his life approaches, Middleton is playing the best all-round ball of his career, and that’s enough to earn him his third all-star spot in a row

Tatum started ascending into the stratosphere around this time last season.He hasn’t quite maintained the same course this year: his 3-point percentage has dropped a bit, he’s turned back to some of the meandering midrange drivers he’s mostly off his diet cut out, and at times he seems like a man who needs intervention to wean him off the fadeaway jumpers he misses 62 percent of the time, however, progress isn’t always linear – especially how you feel related to last month’s COVID-19 infection and ongoing impairment of lung after-effects Tatum’s evolutionary arc still traces the shape of a superstar: he’s an average of 25, 8 points, 70 rebounds, and 47 helps as 22- Year Old – Numbers that put him in the decent company of Kareem, Oscar, LeBron, T-Mac, and Luka

He has continued to take on a bigger role as a playmaker – a must-have given the departure of Gordon Hayward, the absence of Marcus Smart, and the ineffectiveness of Kemba Walker – and remains one of the most versatile front court defenders in the league with his strength, speed and 6-foot-11 wingspan to chase opponents up and down the position spectrum Despite what has gone wrong in Boston this season, the Celtics still have Tatum and Jaylen Brown, which gives them a damn good foundation on which to run they can build up

At the start of the season, hardly anyone would have seen Randle as such a fundamental piece on the Bloody Left got big hits and rebound numbers in its first season in New York but fought fiercely on its first attempt to establish itself as a legitimate no 1 Option and cornerstone; Just a few months ago, your average Knicks fan was perfectly happy to deliver Randle for a few mediocre prospects and some future draft picks due to a strict offseason program and unwavering trust from new head coach Tom Thibodeau, the 26-year-old has his story Career completely rewritten

Adding a reliable shot – 483 percent from midfield, 407 percent from beyond the arc, 802 percent from the free-throw line, all career highlights – have Randle’s game fully unlocked. Play against him, and he can poke the J; play with him and he can storm to the cup; Play him for the shot, and he can use his always underrated grip and advancing view of the field to spray the ball at the shooters, the result was an impressive development and even more impressive production: 232 points, 109 rebounds and 55 Assists 589 real shots per game while leading the league in minutes and for a team that jumped from 22nd place in allowed points per possession last season to third this season in one of the league’s biggest surprises , physical defense played

It’s no exaggeration to say that Randle was the difference between New York as a playoff team and one of the worst in the league as promising as RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley checked, he has no other legitimate differentiator to help him carry the burden.But with all that said, Randle gave the Knicks a real shot at the franchise’s first playoff spot in eight years, which is more than shocking It’s really damn impressive and gets him his first all-star appearance

With my wildcard spots, I’ve added two more first-time visitors – and to be honest, I kind of surprised myself

You know how many players averaged 28-5-5 in an entire season? Twenty twelve are already in the Hall of Fame; Six more (LeBron James, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, and Russell Westbrook) will run in the nanosecond they are entitled to.The other two – Giannis and Luka – are (hopefully) even closer to the beginning of their careers than in the end, but they seem well on their way to that kind of dilute air well, that list might only hit blackjack this season because Zach Friggin ‘LaVine storms the castle

No, LaVine is not as good a defender as someone with his size and physical tools (although, as Stephen Noh recently argued, he may not be as bad these days as the frozen public perception of him suggests) and no, he isn’t an elite playmaker at the orders of some of the high-volume, ball-dominating creators – Harden, Doncic, Trae Young – who have grown in prominence in recent years, however, what he is is one of the most efficient scorers in the whole damn league here is the list The types with usage rates north of 30 percent who do at least 55 percent of their 2-pointers, 40 percent of their 3-pointers and 80 percent of their free throws: Durant, Curry and LaVine

Checkers only, Steph, and Bradley Beal have more 30-point games.No one averages that many points per fourth quarter.Only Checkers has more total points in crunch time.On the high-usage players, only Steph and Joel Embiid have one higher percentage of real shots At some point, it may be time to stop beating up a player for all the things they can’t do and celebrate what they can at the moment there are maybe a handful of players on the field Earth able to put the ball in the basket as well as Zach LaVine they will all be at the All-Star Game. He should join them

With so many phenomenal contestants still on the board – with all different styles, stripes, sizes, and abilities – I got on my nerves with the final wildcard I think Fred VanVleet deserves an all – To be the star

He doesn’t score, moderate or generate highlights like Trae Young, the be-all and end-all of a Hawks’ offense. He’s not the same type of all-court force as Bam Adebayo or Ben Simmons: people who commit a serious offense, defend all five positions and loot defenders from the block or in transition. If any or all of these people can get over VanVleet, I get it. But right now – this year, this moment – I think VanVleet played better than everyone else / p>

He provided both fireworks and functionality for a Raptors team that was stuck on a permanent road trip and struggling to reformulate after losing several key pieces to stay afloat in the Eastern Playoffs He’s one of just nine players averaging 20 points, six assists, and four rebounds per game.He is eighth in 3-point marks, tenth in assists, and he leads the league on both steals and distractions, which is his the right path for serious consideration by the all-defensive team brings

In a season where so much has changed about the Raptors or has been at times unreliable, VanVleet has been a constant, playing in all 29 games, averaging the third most minutes in the league.How Conley loves him the advanced stats, especially the impact metrics: RAPTOR (Natch), RPM, RAPM, LEBRON and EPM rate VanVleet as the top 25 players this season

Maybe that’s a bit rich, maybe they’re all perceiving the same signal: that the undersized, undervalued, overlooked and underrated 26-year-old is the biggest reason he’s airborne amid injuries, disagreements and the entire season is Tampa, the Raptors keep their heads above water, within easy reach of a top four place in East VanVleet has built a career by banking on himself and refuting doubters Next up, perhaps, are those who in a million years never thought the naughty Rockford, Illinois kid would turn into an all-star

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were voted All-Star Starters, but it’s Brooklyn’s new third wheel with the nets looking like an unstoppable offensive force

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