Gabi Garcia sparked an angry war of words between a number of other MMA fighters after calling out Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison

Heavyweight contender Garcia, who weighs 107kg, has gone viral in recent years after a string of brutal victories over mismatched opponents

“I’m waiting for @KaylaH for 3 years Tell me how much she would like me to lose weight to take on the fight! Just excuses and jokes here! “Garcia, nicknamed” She Hulk, “wrote on social media

Garcia is 188 cm tall and has won six of seven professional fights, one of which ends in a no-contest after an accidental wink

In 2016, she beat 54-year-old wrestler Yumiko Hotta in just 41 seconds and sparked a worldwide conviction

“Lol we’re talking about real fights now, not a staged fight,” Harrison replied, referring to Garcia’s Farcical Fights

“How about you hit someone who isn’t from the old people’s house and has a real heartbeat, and then you can put my name in your mouth

To which Garcia shot back: “I made more money than you won without a sweat, but now you don’t respect the other girls I fought!

“Do you want to wager your single million and I will wager a million to fight this fight? Or will you make an apology? “

@KaylaH I made more money than you won without a sweat, but now you don’t respect the other girls I fought! Do you want to wager your single million and I will wager a million too to fight this fight? or are you making an excuse, you’re joking! Pfl made this GP easy for you

But the war of words did not end there, and his compatriot Liv Parker also targeted Garcia

“If you want to joke, you (Garcia) are the one who fights against 50 year old wrestlers who are 1/4 your height and weight”

“Do you really think she (Garcia) can be taken seriously, given her track record?” She added

“I also know how hard the women before me, including you, fought to pave the way for women in & Your antics only nourish the critics even more. Not whom I want to reppen myself as a fighter

You’d probably care more about a good opponent. If you’re trying to joke, you’re the one fighting 50-year-old wrestlers who are 1/4 your height and weight

I’ve been traveling for 5 years and don’t know what track record you’re talking about. Gabi has always been nice to me and I don’t like it when one of us gets bagged like it happened to me for years. She’s a great chic who will she fight against?

Harrison, who won gold in judo at the Rio Olympics in 2016, has since started her career in MMA and won the Professional Fighters League lightweight championship in 2019

King was bloody messed up by a bubbling wound on his face, baffling fans and commentators of the fight

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