The South Wales Police have confirmed that there is a “serious incident” at Ynyswen near Treorchy and are advising people to stay away from the area

The armed police are dealing with a “serious incident” in a Welsh village in which several people fear they will be seriously injured

Investigators have reported casualties and a city council said, “It looks like there have been a number of deaths”

Shortly after noon in the village of Ynyswen, Rhondda, South Wales, screams could be heard near the Blue Sky Chinese diner

Residents say the scene has been described as a “bloodbath” and a white forensic tent was set up outside the building this afternoon

Neighbor John Belgrove 46 said: “I was in my workshop when I heard sirens and saw police everywhere

“There was a girl sitting on a sidewalk – she was in her pajamas and they were covered in blood

South Wales Police said they were dealing with a “serious incident” that resulted in a “number of casualties,” reports Wales Online

Neighbor Mavis Wakeford said, “It’s very serious. The police stopped me from going out the back and told me to stay inside”

Inside the larger cordon, a smaller cordon has been set up and officers are investigating along the road

A spokesman said: “The police forces are currently dealing with a serious incident March 2021) occurred around noon on Baglan Street in Treorchy

“Ambulance crews are also present as the incident resulted in a number of casualties” The road has been closed and the area is recommended to be avoided until further notice “

A spokesman for the Welsh Ambulance Trust has confirmed they were called to the scene this lunchtime but was unable to say how many people were hospitalized

They said a quick reacting vehicle, three ambulances, and the air ambulance were sent to the scene

Linsey Simmonds of the area said, “I passed the Baglan field and saw the Air Ambulance land there There were up to 30 police and ambulance vehicles

in the past 20 minutes

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Another unnamed resident said, “I live on the street, it was about half past twelve on the way to meet my friend

“When I came around the corner, a lot of sirens passed and I saw four policemen with guns downstairs telling people they couldn’t come down the hill

“Then a few minutes later, I saw someone literally being stretched in the back of an ambulance outside the Chinese on the hillside”

Rhondda MP Chris Bryant said: “I have been informed that the incident at Ynyswen is a serious one

“The emergency services will be present for a very long time. Please avoid the area I sincerely hope no one is extremely injured”

A Welsh Ambulance Service spokesman said: Phoned an address in the Ynyswen area of ​​Treorchy about an incident on March 12th, at 12 noon

“We visited the scene with a fast reacting vehicle, three ambulances, our Hazardous Area Response Team and the Wales Air Ambulance”

Councilor Andrew Morgan, chairman of the Rhondda Cynon Taf district council, said he had been briefed on “the major incident at Ynyswen” and thanked emergency services for the “significant presence that is ongoing”

He added, “My thoughts go with everyone involved in this incident, but please avoid the area until ambulance services leave”


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