Who is Sabine Schmitz? After the new episode of Top Gear on BBC One on Sunday night, you may be wondering this question

Schmitz is someone who was known in the world of auto racing, unfortunately, she’s also someone who is no longer with us.If you’ve been a long-time fan of Top Gear, you know her pretty well by now; she was a presenter for almost four years of the series and joins a long line of other fantastic people who have graced the series over time, Top Gear is about cars, of course, but it’s also about the people who drive them, it immerses you in a world that is exciting and amazing is, and with Sabine’s background she was certainly one of the most qualified people to ever step into the world of the series (even before her more permanent appearance on the series, she made sporadic appearances)

Sabine’s death was due to cancers, which she was first diagnosed with years ago.She continued to race and be a television personality, which further demonstrated her tenacity and devotion to her passions

In a statement following her death, executive producer Clare Pizey said the following, according to the Associated Press and BBC One:

Sabine exuded positivity, always wore her cheeky smile, no matter how hard things got – and was a force of nature for female drivers in the automotive world

In addition to that statement, the official Top Gear Twitter noted earlier today that they are already working on an appropriate tribute to them, and they plan to post more information soon about where and when to see them based on all of this it is clear that she was loved by the entire show family

These end-of-episode tribute cards are one of the best ways to honor someone who’s been involved in the production, giving you a chance to recognize their work, and future generations will get another sense of their importance this should be on all subsequent vents must be attached

Our thoughts are directed to Schmitz ‘family and loved ones at a difficult time (Photo: BBC One)

We dedicate this episode to our colleague Sabine Schmitz, who unfortunately passed away during the week after this episode was recorded. The production of an upcoming homage to Sabine has already started – with further information on when and how you can see her – #TopGear picTwittercom / 8v1CATKfqb

Sabine Schmitz

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