Nursem, the nursing care brand developed by a nurse that nurses use to counter the harsh effects of constant hand washing, has become a top notch product Zeit TV appearance in Dragons’ Den on Jan. April at 8pm on BBC1 and won offers from all five dragons

Nursem was launched in 2019 via Crowdfunder by pediatric nurse Antonia Philp and her husband Jonny after Antonia suffered from sore, cracked and bleeding hands as a result of hand washing, which forced her to be on sick leave.She ranks among the 87% of UK nurses suffering from contact dermatitis as a result of excessive hand washing, estimated to add up to 9 million to the NHS GBP per year costs

The brand is currently donating hand cream to an NHS nurse or midwife for a month for every product sold in the UK under their Nursem Promise pledge, which is over 175 to date000 nurses and midwives has returned to bring them one step closer to fulfilling their mission – to provide hand cream to every NHS midwife nurse by 2025


World News – GB – The skin care brand Nursem relies on Dragons’ Den and wins offers from all five dragons