We think fans of Would I Lie To You? will enjoy this new show

Strictly Come Dancing stars Bill Bailey and Stacey Dooley both know what it feels like to win the Glitzerball Trophy, and now they’re working on a new TV project together

Bill has been announced to join the cast of BBC show This Is MY House and sit on a celebrity panel with comedian and actress Emily Atack, comedian Jamali Maddix, and comedian and loose woman Judi Love

In the show hosted by Stacey, four people enter a house and say: “This is MY house” The catch is only one of them is telling the truth

The BBC said the show “promises many loud laughs as each of the four opponents tries to prove they are the real deal. It’s a fun show that challenges our prejudices and asks a simple question Can the Truth.” win? “

Bill said of his new project, “This is MY House, a great show and I’m really excited to be part of it I think it’s great fun, something everyone needs right now and I’m sure that home viewers will love to play along. I consider myself a good judge of character, so I hope I can spot the real homeowner’s liars and help them win some money! “

Back in October 2020 when she was announced as the host of the show, Stacey said, “Be so excited to host this new entertainment show! I love looking into people’s homes so I am ready to take part in an appearance that will allow us to do so in a format that brings fun, humor and warmth to a time when we are all all of us so longing to escape I can’t wait! “

The celebrity panel is accompanied by a guest panelist every week Together they will sort the facts out of fiction and ultimately decide who they think is telling the truth. If you guess right, the honest homeowner wins a cash prize

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World news – GB – Strictly speaking, the stars Bill Bailey and Stacey Dooley are working together on a new TV project

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