Shkodran Mustafi joined Schalke on a permanent basis after reaching an agreement with Arsenal to terminate his contract early

The 28-year-old is moving to Sead Kolasinac in Gelsenkirchen just a few weeks after the left-back returned to his previous club on loan

Since then, he has played 151 games in all competitions, scoring 9 goals in the process. He also contributed to our FA Cup successes in 2017 and 2020 by sustaining injuries just before each final

That’s unfair.He may not be the best defender on the team (certainly not worth the £ 35million it cost), but nowhere is he as bad as our fans imagine he was in fact last season one of the formidable defenders before the league was interrupted. Maybe it is time to admit that our fan base is getting too toxic and costing us in the market

but Manure has the best defender the world has ever seen partner with maguire so they are safe I’ve never seen a better defender than Phil omg Jones What a legend

I really wonder how well Mustafi could have been with a better standard of supporters behind him. Maybe I’m just watching the 2014 World Cup when the German fans were fully behind each of their players

Feel Good I’d love to see us lose some of the negativity of our fan base, but that doesn’t mean we have to rewrite history He Was Sold, He Didn’t Die Mustafi Was Horrible At Times The Same Costly Mistakes In Key Moments turned off Was part of the defensive clown show that undermined the entire team until Arteta got a grip on it What makes it worse was that there was a very, very good defender somewhere, somewhere. He had some excellent performances during his time with us and I’m glad he got some kind of redemption recently… Read more »

Sorry, but overall he was one of the worst we’ve ever had.I actually saw most of his home appearances and there was always a concern that he would make a mistake – and he did it more often than from a player £ 35m was expected Good luck to him of course, but he just wasn’t up to the PL standard

I don’t know who / what convinced the normally cautious and thrifty Wenger to approve £ 35 million for the purchase

3 different managers have tried but it is best for him to revive his career in a different league

As far as I remember, it was partly a question from Wenger, who refused to strengthen himself.We would go into the season with just two established center-backs (Gabriel and Mertesacker, or was it Koscielny?) Then Gabriel became too injured, and since we needed a center-back so badly, the sales club could set a ridiculous day
If we had chosen someone else, we would have been massively overpaid. Nevertheless, I think we all expected a lot more from him

Looking back, Wenger had some amazing prem placements with some really terrible teams, but half the time it was his own business why the team was poor I remember when he refused to buy a striker and thought instead , Walcott, Lord Bendtner and Arshavin could get us through the season

Or when Sanogo was our backup for Giroud! We still managed to get into the top 4 and we might even have beaten Bayern in the CL if we hadn’t played Sanogo in the first game

I think you will find we lost this game because we missed a penalty above and later dropped to ten men not playing Sanogo would not have changed that

You are referring to the 2009-10 season when van Persie was injured and missed most of the campaign
What would have been your great plan when he came back and we had that other striker that you should have signed on our books? What great striker at Van Persie’s level could we have signed in January 2010? Besides, we still had Eduardo in our books back then
Maybe you should stop thinking you know better than Arsene Wenger – he’s a genius while you’re a number

All he had to do was ask Valencia manager Gary Neville what he thought of him. On the other hand, Neville might think that playing against Wenger’s teams pays off

Luzhny? Seriously? He was pretty practical. Don’t belong on this team, try Colin Pates or Stathos Tavlaridis

Goodbye & goodbye I guess the club decided to sign him, but he had a terrible work ethic and made hasty silly & mistakes

With the Ozil clique, Kolasinac & Mustafi is gone now Let’s hope the squad will be more united & is improving

Tell us what’s it like to be on the Arsenal coaching staff? It must be great to be on the training ground every day!

After all, he was a pro. He always tried his best, it’s just that his best wasn’t up to date

Who said the squad wasn’t united? Not the best, and yes we could have spent the money better but I can’t remember Mustafi being lazy Schalke seems above his standards I also had to respect him as he dug himself out of the hole after a series of mistakes, in which he was mentally

A troika of German-speaking dissatisfied people in the locker room The leader, his bodyguard & Batman (military not Gotham City)

“He also contributed to our FA Cup successes in 2017 and 2020 by sustaining injuries just before each final”

A little hard to see as he contributed to the rest of the runs and would have played both finals in good shape

I found that a bit tough too. Overall, he was really disappointing, but Arteta (in my opinion) coached him to standing, and after seeing like so many other CBs in the league alike, stupid mistakes all season I don’t think he’s as bad as Our fan base acts Seems to be quite professional and personable as a person, I hope he kicks Schalke in the ass

He’s literally made at least 6 or 7 direct mistakes that resulted in goals each season not to mention difficulty concentrating and the ease with which every dangerous attacker in the league turned that fool around and left him dead for everything you do had to was to pull it in half where it would try to get too tight and boom where they were nail in the coffin was the Crystal Palace game for me at home when he saw Emery’s trust in him despite everything Repayed fan base concerns by allowing Zaha to shit and deny about us … Read more »

How can you call Mustafi a fool when you are too fat to know how to use the word “literal” correctly?
You are right when you say that many factors (it’s two separate words, fool) got us where we are Toxic fans like you are some of the biggest

Somewhere between a slightly hard shot and a cheap shot. Almost as cheap as the sterling that kept it out of the finale

Even I thought this comment was a bit cheap and quite unnecessary. At the end of the day he was doing his best for us and I would wish him all the best for the future The toxicity around certain players gets too big for me personally at times / p>

Good luck Mustafi One player, at best, looked like he could almost become a good player at Arsenal unfortunately never

Damn it! That was a little mean Or is it just me? Well all the best, Musty I’m sure it’s for the best for everyone involved Now, please, learn from your mistakes and enough of these terrible deals

I’ve always felt he was a solid defender when he improved his decisions. Unfortunately, he didn’t improve and I lost a lot of hair watching him play at times. His aerial skills were good to be fair to him his

Good luck to him. I think he was one of those players who are not suitable for this league. Hopefully he will shine in Germany

And a pair of CL berths
I’ll offer a description of one of my managers (and a friend) of a one-time teammate:

You are right, but since this one was and is a winner, we can live with it

Rob Holding and Hector Bellerin, Auba and Laca ESR and Saka both trained under him and got contracts under him, I remember
I have to go over all of the gaming staff to make sure

It’s funny how everyone finds their empathy for Mustafi, now blogs have been cracking a few jokes He wasn’t good for Arsenal There were flashes of order Probably a nice guy and I wish him well, but let’s get the pink ones Take off your glasses

It was good when it arrived and I enjoyed its little renaissance last season, but other than that, I bricked it every time he played

He also contributed to our FA Cup successes in 2017 and 2020 by sustaining injuries just before each final …

28 years old, paid 35 million and it costs us even more to get rid of it
We’re not very good at transfers I’d like to believe we’ve learned lessons, but I’m not so sure about the Willian situation
Still tons of deadwood gone so can only be a good thing reset and move on

Good news – paying Mustafi to leave was always the most likely outcome.Our mistake of paying £ 35million (sounds crazy if you just type it) was one of Wenger’s biggest. Anyway, the long 5- year old nightmare is over

Thank you, Musti
I think it was the right time to go, I think you had a very good last run
Good luck and all the best

Not a bad broadcast window Now a left-back is out on loan until the end of the season and we can call it a day

He has an ability that is good in the air despite his lack of size.However, at this level a defender needs to play a flawless game Mustafi always had a slight flaw in himself – whether it was a rushed challenge, hesitation, or a lack of concentration that was very frustrating Player who could have been a very solid defender, but who pushed his time at Arsenal away from it instead of koscielny

We didn’t expect to be able to postpone Kolasinac, Ozil and Mustafi before their contracts expired! Well played

We just borrowed Kola and we’re still paying Ozil what he was due He is currently not a registered Arsenal player

Thanks Musti Maybe not good enough, but you did your best!
What a window for Arteta and Edu! Bloating the bloated team and removing deadwood is the first step in getting Arsenal back on track We need to do smart signing in the future (no Willian-like signing) As much as I detest City and Chelsea, they make good signings and sell well. We can be better than them

The mistakes of 2016, Xhaka and Mustafi mistakes of 2018, Torreira and Sokratis mistakes of 2019, Nicolas Pepe for 72M As a fan-funded club with no external cash injections, this was a disaster for the club On investment costs of the fans Kroenkes keeps a falling there Reputation club whose value will stagnate if other clubs manage to grow theirs This can only be fixed by top transfer market performance or break a club Much is at stake for the 2021 summer window Personally I want it to be 4 players with a fee of 15 million are… Continue reading »

Theure already had a bad season, we didn’t have to sign her death warrant like that. In all seriousness, but good luck to him

So we have no money at all? I know we’re saving his remaining salary

“He also contributed to our FA Cup successes in 2017 and 2020 by sustaining injuries shortly before each final”

Now that he’s gone, I don’t want to remember all of his mistakes and errors so I’ll say this instead he was probably one of our best defenders in the air, wishing him the best of luck and hoping he is happy with the rest of his career

For a player his size he was actually incredibly good in the air, probably even better than Koscielny

There was a player in there somewhere Deep Down He came out sometimes like that 22nd unbeaten run but for the most part he was just a calamity and an outright liability
Remember when we missed players when they left

He also contributed to our FA Cup successes in 2017 and 2020 by sustaining injuries just before each final

While he’s not the best player I think some of the criticisms he received were unfair.He made some bad mistakes but I always felt that the mistakes he made were more emphasized than others who made mistakes that were just as bad and costly, even if statistics never tell you the full story, I found it amusing when United paid a huge fee for Maguire and Mustafa paid a huge fee for Maguire in the season leading up to buying Maguire for almost all major statistics was better than him

Rumor has it he skipped regular transport and will make his way to Schalke instead. Seriously, good luck to him Had some really good traits, but his legacy at Arsenal will be his hasty failure in judgment

Wow 3 older players who terminate their contract early will be terminated early in just one window. So unknown

Add Mkhi, & Ramsey, look at the Saliba deal, Willian wages Waste of money It’s almost criminal

However, it looks to me like we’re going to change that. Many of these things correct the previous mistakes of others

“He also contributed to our FA Cup successes in 2017 and 2020 by sustaining injuries just before each final”

I can’t think of any worse money than what we spent on Mustafi, and there is a lot of competition for this title

Had some good games for us but considering the price, there is a pretty compelling case for one of our worst signings, good luck Mustafi, but I look forward to seeing the back of you

Unfortunately weighed down by his ridiculous price tag, he wasn’t the worst, but he made so many high profile mistakes. His tendency to throw his hands in the air when he left his marker all alone drove me insane! I wish him all the best, but I am very happy that we will never see him again. Now we just have to work on David Luiz

Thank god Now Schalke fans can go crazy if they see him play against us instead. It’s going to be very good so far this year!

As blogs sometimes say, he has one of those faces, super irritating Now all that’s left of this fantastic duo is grandma to open a bottle of champagne when he finally leaves then willian, but that’s another story

Contributed to our FA trophies by injuring ourselves before the final ??? Whoever wrote that obviously didn’t see him in either of the two semi-finals

The man has been ceaselessly scapegoated in the club’s worst time since Terry Neil / Don Howe Occasionally error-prone, yes (including an absolute howler that lets Zaha through) but not responsible for the team’s shortcomings

After the narrative had been written for him with everyone aboard this train, there was no way he could relax in this club

Finally the absolute liability gone. Good luck Mustafi in your new club. Hopefully Luiz will be gone in the summer

Absolute beast in the air, but always had a flaw in it Spreading panic to the rest of the players Often others are blamed for its mistakes

It was easy to join the “Mustafi out” fan club and I was certainly a card-carrying member. But his complaint as a player was downright remarkable It now seems clear that his terrible form is not being used by a manager Supported a questionable ability to communicate strategy and tactics to a team completely lacking in direction.It took a lot of character to withstand the hatred that is still clearly evident in these comments even now, although it doesn’t suggest part of the solution being for the Champions League, he has earned my respect as… Continue reading »

Far too often, our perception is influenced by the transfer fees. Rightly, in most cases, the inflated markets were the only reason Xhaka and Mustafi commanded the fees they levied, despite their good form and goodwill Pepe was worth 72 million and many deals between teams that just had more zeros than the people making the deals were fun to count

Mustafi, David Carmo

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