Update: The game’s current PS5 stock allocation is now sold out The retailer’s website struggled to cope with the volume of traffic as users were queued as we can personally testify, many have Reached the end of the line to be greeted with the familiar, blank PS5 landing page

If your looking for where to buy PS5, Game this morning is your best bet as the retailer has launched a new round of PS5 reorders with a number of bundles for both the digital and standard consoles on The Console can also be purchased individually for £ 44999 and the PS5 Digital Edition is £ 35999 but expect these to sell out quickly

The cheapest bundle we’ve ever seen is £ 45,998 including the PS5 Digital Edition with £ 50 PSN credit and 12 months of PS Plus

There is predictably a queue with waiting times of up to 30 minutes (depending on when you joined) and the main page is difficult to load

With bundles offering additional accessories and games to add up the price and discourage scalpers from doing so, we hope stocks last a little longer than usual, but we very much doubt that please note that these orders are Pre-orders The console is expected to be released on Jan. Shipped February 19th However, if you choose priority insured delivery, your order will be shipped by February 19th Shipped February

We would then watch the game closely for the rest of the day as more units may hit shelves as supplies go in and out

Check the inventory of PS5 bundles at GameOUT OF STOCK Game is offering a variety of PS5 bundles this morning but they won’t last long The console is available individually but we expect these will be sold out almost immediately then will you be more lucky if you try to pick up a bundle Unless you choose a priority insured shipment that will ship the console by Feb. Shipped February Show deal

The PS5 has been in high demand since pre-orders began back in September, and the console is still nearly impossible to find when stocks hit, they’re snapped up in a flash So be ready to act quickly if you can manage it

If you’re missing out on Game’s PS5 supplies, or just want to know where to get your PS5 quick, please find all the links below for buying PS5 from various retailers including the PS5 Digital Edition.Check those links further, there You never know when more consoles will hit the shelves

It is likely that more PS5 consoles will appear in 2021 So we recommend not paying scalpers over the odds, as Sony is committed to shipping 10 million PS5 consoles this year, meaning sooner or later supply will comfortably meet demand

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