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If you want to become a millionaire, Bake Off judge Prue Leith has 48 tonightLoss of £ 000 after a risky move didn’t pay off

Prue, 80, played for Charitable Chefs for Schools and stormed through the questions host Jeremy Clarkson said she wanted to get through her time in the chair as soon as possible

Prue made some bold decisions that paid off, and soon she was facing 64000 pound question after breaking her safety net on Jan.000 pounds had set

But when the question came up which crew member of the Titanic survived the disaster, Prue got stuck

She said she had no idea and that she saw the movie and couldn’t remember

Prue called her nephew Sam, who also had no idea, and she had to use her 50:50 lifeline

Prue was quick to choose Captain Edward Smith, but it was actually Charles Lightoller

But the crowd at home was incredulous, and many of them pointed out that the captain often goes down with his ship

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Jen White said, “Doesn’t Prue know that the captain’s rule goes down with the ship?”

Rob Jones said, “Expect Prue to get this After all, everyone knows the captain didn’t survive and go down with his ship. It sounded so confident too. Wrong guessing, the charity cost a lot of money”

Phillip Scott said, “Can’t believe Pru said the captain of the Titanic survived !!! I thought that would be amazingly easy if 50/50 went””

Prue Leith

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