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JOANNA Cherry, the high profile SNP MP and QC, was “fired” from the party’s bank as part of a Westminster reshuffle

Ms. Cherry, who represents Edinburgh South West, has been dismissed as spokeswoman for the Shadow Justice and Home Affairs Party

She took the news on Twitter, writing, “Despite hard work, & has a solid reputation that I fired from @ theSNP frontbank today

“My & party colleagues, who gave me a clear mandate in the recent NEC elections (the SNP’s national executive committee), should rest assured that I will continue to work hard for them

“Westminster is an increasingly important part of Scotland’s constitutional future and @theSNP would do well to radically rethink our strategy” ”

The move sparked an outcry from their allies, who described it as “inexplicable and harmful to our cause”

Anne McLaughlin, the SNP MP for Glasgow North East, will take over the judiciary. Previously, she was the spokesperson for women and equality

Elsewhere, Edinburgh East MP Tommy Sheppard lost his role as the party’s shadow spokesman for the cabinet office. He will now be his shadow spokesman for constitutional affairs

The SNP reshuffle gives roles to every MP except for the three closest to former First Minister Alex Salmond: Ms. Cherry, the East Lothian MP Kenny MacAskill, and the Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil

Mr Salmond is currently in dispute with First Secretary Nicola Sturgeon over the Scottish Government’s handling of allegations of sexual misconduct against him

Considered one of the SNP’s top parliamentary achievers, Ms. Cherry successfully led a legal challenge to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plans for parliament to pass in 2019

However, she has been accused of infidelity to the party leadership and has argued publicly with other SNP politicians over issues related to trans rights

Last year her attempt to swap Westminster for Holyrood was foiled after a change in party rules

Mr MacAskill, a former Scottish Justice Minister, wrote on Twitter: “I know how highly valued Joanna Cherry is in the UK judicial community and at the party base in Scotland

“She stays head and shoulders above most of the others, and for my part I stand by her

“This is the call of leadership, but many of us find it inexplicable and harmful to our cause” ”

He wrote, “Jo was the best of the best at a third-party briefing” ”

The latest development reveals deepened rifts within the SNP that was once known for its unity

One party said: “Unsurprisingly, Joanna chose to play a victim instead of supporting colleagues who have an exciting chance to report on the assignment”

“She played the victim card every step of the way and hopefully people will see through her” ”

Ian Blackford, Chairman of SNP Westminster, said the reshuffle would draw on new talent and ensure that the SNP has the best possible team in Westminster as Scotland faces the challenges of Covid-19 and Brexit

There are four new additions to the party’s front bench: Patricia Gibson as the shadow speaker for housing, community and local government; Angela Crawley as attorney general’s shadow speaker; Richard Thomson as shadow spokesman for Northern Ireland and Stephen Flynn as shadow spokesman for business, energy and industrial strategy

Mr Blackford said: “We are a wealth of talent and experience and this reshuffle of SNP MPs ensures we are in the best possible position to hold the UK government accountable during this global pandemic and post-Brexit Colleagues before supporting Scottish elections and independence

“Teamwork and collaboration are key to ensuring results and this reorganization will give us a strong team to move us forward

“We have an incredibly hard-working group of MPs – thank you all for your commitment and congratulations to those in new positions

“I was pleased to have four MPs on the front bench: Patricia Gibson, Angela Crawley, Richard Thomson and Stephen Flynn

“I would like to thank Tommy Sheppard for his work as shadow spokesman for the cabinet office and I congratulate him on his new role as shadow spokesman for the SNP on constitutional issues

“Neil Gray MP will coordinate our inclusion and wellbeing team before stepping down as MEP and seeking election to the Scottish Parliament. I thank him for all his work and wish him well

“We are at a crucial time in politics. We have never faced a challenge as great as the global pandemic, and Scotland is feeling the acute consequences of leaving the European Union

“With the upcoming Scottish elections and independence at hand, our new team is ready to work hard for Scotland” ”

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Joanna Cherry

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