Gemma Atkinson, 36, stated a photographer was lurking at the end of her street to take pictures of her and boyfriend Gorka Marquez, 30, after his recent stint at Strictly Come Dancing in 2020’s mother of a child referred to a particular picture that was printed in a newspaper and said that her mother described her as neglected when she was shown dressed up for a walk with Gorka and her dog Norman

When the Strictly pro Gorka explained the comment, she didn’t know it was from her mother and branded the person as “t ** t”

Considering her 14 million followers in a video next to Gorka, she explained, “We laugh because we’ve been laughing because there’s been porridge on our street since Gorka’s return – obviously everyone has a job to do, so I don’t moan. All in all I know that he’s doing his job

“But at the same time, I’m not going to do my hair, make-up and other things, like taking the dog for walks or taking Mia to kindergarten

“He followed us the other day when we took Norman with us and I was wearing wellington boots, no makeup and I looked unkempt”

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Gemma continued: “Anyway, my mother wrote me a picture of it in the newspapers today and said: Gemma, what are you wearing? You look unkempt, make an effort “

“And I told Gorka, but I forgot to tell him that my mother said it

“So he thought it was a coincidence telling me all this stuff and what did you call them?” she added and turned to her partner

Gemma remembered her answer and went on, “I said,” Who, my mother? “And he said,” No, the person who said it “And I said,” Yes, it’s my mother! “

Gemma and Gorka enjoyed a walk together after reuniting after staying at Strictly

The couple lived apart for almost two months due to coronavirus rules on the show

After the show ended last weekend, Gemma shared a picture of her reunion with her one-year-old daughter Mia

Gorka reached the final of the 2020 series with his dance partner Maisie Smith, but missed the Glitterball trophy for Bill Bailey and Oti Mabuse

During her break, Gemma approached concerned fans who asked how she got home with Mia alone

The former actress assured fans that she got along well because she’d been around since she was 17 Had lived alone for the year of life

“That doesn’t mean I don’t miss Gorks,” she clarified, “I miss him terribly. & Cant wait to get him home

“Since we got to know our jobs, one of us has always taken us away for a few weeks at a time (sic)

“I find what works for me is sticking to a routine that I know will keep me mentally strong”

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Gemma Atkinson

World News – GB – Gemma Atkinson declares confusion when Gorka calls her mother “t ** t” after an “unkempt” remark