Felipe put together his own DVD with the best bits to pique the interest of a second rate club in Brazil Now he’s in the Champions League

Atlético Madrid has dealt with its fair share of heartbreak in recent years, particularly when it lost two Champions League finals to its city rivals, but Diego Simeone has rebuilt his team with a core of players devoid of emotional baggage are these disappointments

Luis Suárez came from Barcelona in the summer and has already scored 16 goals in the league. The defense was just as impressive: only 16 goals were conceded in 23 league games.The Brazilian center-back Felipe has played his part in keeping the team close behind has come a long way considering Felárez scored goals for Ajax in the Champions League but Felipe made a DVD of his best moves to be sent to a second division club in Brazil

“Atlético is always fighting for titles,” says Felipe. “We knew we would be strong this year and we improved on the things we did wrong last season.” So we are enjoying a great moment in the La Liga The Champions League is a little different because every club is strong enough to win the title and one mistake here can hurt usâ ????

Felipe is aware of the threat posed by Chelsea After stuttering towards the end of Frank Lampard’s responsible time, do you now see solidly under Thomas Tuchel, who has not lost any of his seven responsible games, from making the change of managers Chelsea more difficult? “I think that doesn’t make it easier for Chelsea to face,” says Felipe. They are strong, one of the best in England and we have to be careful against themâ ????

While Chelsea players have grown used to the comings and goings of managers, Atlético is a picture of stability Since Simeone took over at Atlético, there have been nine different managers on the Chelsea pitch.Although Simeone is now in his tenth year at the club, Felipe believes that he is still her greatest asset. “When Simeone asks about something, he does so with clarity and that is one of the reasons why we trust him even more” he says

â ???? He’s been at the club for many years and has gone through the good, the bad and the ugly with Atléti. He believes so much in his job and it pays off. New players get used to this type of environment quickly so we always try to hit the Point to come We focus on the team, on our boys, who want to play every game and the only other team we worry about is the one we’ll face next. Every player at Atlético wants every game We don’t know if we will win the Spanish title but we have to keep the mentality we need to make it happenâ ????

It wasn’t always that easy for Felipe when he turned 18 Celebrating his birthday, he began to believe he couldn’t achieve his dream of becoming a footballer.He had just started a job for his girlfriend’s mother, supplying mushrooms in restaurants and cafes, and he was still playing the amateur leagues of São Paulo Life a Champions League footballer felt distant when he was still playing on artificial turf fields

“I got about 50 or 60 reais for each game” he says â ???? When you turn 18 and things haven’t worked out, you begin to doubt that they will ever change. Even so, I played in the fourth division of the Campeonato Paulista for Unià £ o Mogi and a friend of mine, Bruno, gave me the idea to make a DVD of my best highlights I have to thank my friend and his father Itair for helping me achieve what I have nowâ ????

Bruno was a striker for Felipe and knew firsthand how talented he was So he encouraged him to do a 10 minute highlight video.Bruno’s father knew someone with a connection in the game so he set up a meeting.I met this man, gave him my DVD and he said, go home and wait for me call you ???? It took two months before he called again. I continued to practice alone, did my exercises and kept myself fitâ ????

To the delight of Felipe, the video got to a club in Brazil’s second rank My DVD went to Bragantino and the coach Marcelo Veiga liked me It was my great chance to make my dream come true and I accepted it ???? Felipe signed with Bragantino in 2011 and moved to Corinthians after 33 appearances later that year

It was a big step up and he had to wait for his chances at first, but made it into the squad that traveled to Japan for the Club World Cup in December 2012. Corinthians won the competition and beat Chelsea 1 in the final: 0 It was the first trophy of his career and it is still the last time that a club outside of Europe won the Club World Cup

After spending some time on the periphery of the team, Felipe’s career received a huge boost when current Brazilian manager Tite returned to Corinthians in 2015. Felipe impressed the manager in the preseason and Tite rewarded him with a starting spot He took his chance, developed into one of the leaders of the team and won the Brasileiró title this season

Porto was accordingly impressed and signed it in 2016. He settled down quickly and the common language helped him connect with his teammates and coaches communication was not always perfect “There was a game against Sporting where I came on in the second half and got a yellow card as soon as I stepped on the field”he says with a laugh” The kit man made a mistake by giving me Tiquinho Soares “shirt We were very close Tiquinho always sat next to me? and it’s probably because of that But the rest of the guys still did Made fun of me for a long time They said I was in love with Tiquinho because I didn’t want to let go of his shirtâ ????

Felipe said goodbye to Tiquinho and his teammates in Porto in May 2019 when Simeone took him to Madrid for € 20m that fee now looks like a bargain after he turned 18 His birthday worried that he might not make it as a footballer, he is now playing for the best team in Spain against an English club he once faced in Japan.Football was once a fading dream for Felipe No longer

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