Posted: 11:12 GMT, Jan. January 2021 | Updated: 11:20 GMT, Jan. January 2021

The Aston Martin racing team gave a first glimpse of the world champion in their car, but it was the German driver’s new hairstyle that stole the spotlight

Many took to Twitter and were quick to point out that the driver’s bald looks drew comparisons to The Duke of Cambridge

“Will Prince William make his F1 debut?” wrote one, while another joked: “Wonders why Prince William is trending finds that the photo of Sebastian Vettel that I saw was not Photoshoped ‘

Royal enthusiasts are enthusiastic about Prince Williams’ uncanny resemblance to Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel In the picture, the Aston Martin racing team gave a first glimpse of the world champion in his car

Prince William struggled with baldness for a long time and started shedding his hair in his twenties. Pictured talking to staff and patients about the construction of the groundbreaking oak cancer center at Royal Marsden Hospital on Dec. October 2020 in Sutton

In the comment section, one person joked, “Will Prince William make his F1 debut?” (pictured)

The king shaved his head last January to hide the worst effects of hair loss

Prince Harry has always loved mocking his brother for his hair loss when he once quipped, “I think he’s definitely smarter than me, but we noticed that at school along with his baldness’

And it seems the Duke of Sussex isn’t the only one commenting on the king’s bald hair

The Duke of Cambridge visits December 2020 the Scottish Ambulance Service in Newbridge near Edinburgh

Another went to Twitter and wrote: “I’m not sure if this is Prince William or Sebastian Vettel” (picture)

‘Is that Seb Vettel or is it Prince William? Holy c ** p, I’m so confused, “commented one after the last Aston Martin snapshots were published, while a second was written:” Hello Prince William, how I mean Sebastian Vettel ‘

A third added: “Sebastian Vettel with this cut from Prince William” while a fourth wrote: “I saw that Vettel was trending, clicked it to take a look”

‘That was * at all * not what I expected !!! The best tweet I saw in response to this was someone who said Seb was “Prince William’d” “

Another joke: “I was literally saying to my husband,” Why the hell does Vettle suddenly look like Prince William? “

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Sebastian Vettel

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