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Strictly Come Dancing judge Shirley appeared on the show with her partner Danny and their three cousins ​​

But when Shirley introduced her family as “from Liverpool”, some people watching at home quickly struggled with their response

Shirley is very proud of her roots and is a regular advocate of Merseyside, but she is from Wallasey on Wirral, not Liverpool

And some people rushed to social media to point out that Shirley is from Wirral

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Richy Aldred said, “@ ShirleyBallas from Wallasey on Family FortuneMeet the Ballas family from Liverpool But great charity CALM”

Amy Joanne said, “Why does Shirley say she is from Liverpool when she is from my hometown of Birkenhead?”

Shirley met up with her partner Danny Taylor after they appeared in Panto Jack And The Beanstalk together

When Shirley spoke about him at Loose Women, he said, “We met on panto as friends. It only really started in March for him I fell in love before I think it was the first sight for me

“He had a difficult time in his relationship. We became friends and then I probably said in February,” I love you, Danny “and he said,” I know ” It took a while ”

Shirley Ballas, Spencer Matthews, Mode Matthews

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