The singer confirmed the sad news that Patricia “slipped away” on Friday evening after a fight against Alzheimer’s and a positive test for coronavirus

Engelbert, 84, wrote on Facebook: “Dear friends, please forgive the silence after the incredible answer to our request for prayers. Our family is broken over the loss of my beloved wife

“Last night it slipped gently, like the clockwork of God. The last rites were given by our nephew, Father Paul, just before our usual prayers at 8:00 p.m. It was 4:00 a.m. for him

“We were so grateful that he gently guided Popea through this final chapter with a familiar voice and such love. She was surrounded by our children Louise, Jason, Brad, and Scott on FaceTime. Her longtime caregivers have lovingly made the transition easier for us all.”

“She no longer holds her earthly boundaries as she freely guides the magnificent gardens of heaven reunited with so many loved ones. We prayed as a family, blessed her with the water of Lourdes, and she left … with the help of the generous , heart-filled prayers from all over the world led into the arms of Jesus

“I thank those who have sent energy, love and words of deep connection to a loving God in the last days that we know were their last days. He will be the ultimate caretaker of peace and love.” ‘

The Last Waltz singer continued: “Patricia’s fight against Alzheimer’s was brave from the start. She never resisted when we tried not to leave a stone unturned

“We love you indescribably, forever and ever, it slips into the minutes of a whole day without you, good night my baby”

She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2007, and her husband had spoken about her life’s difficulties with the disease

The Please Release Me singer said to Loose Women in 2017: “There is anger, you lack so much of what I do and enjoy, I feel guilty”

On 27 On January 1st, he confirmed that he, Patricia, their son Jason and two caregivers had tested positive for Covid-19 and wrote: “Every evening we pray for my wife at 8 p.m. Now I have to FaceTime out of my room. Last night my daughter is with me Photos flown in to reflect and keep us strong during our recovery Our son Scott has been on FaceTime prayers, our son Jason is in a separate room but at 8 p.m. God calls and our son Brad who is always here and look, is with supplies on call … ready, willing, and able to do something

“My biggest question is about my beloved wife Patricia (Popea) She has been through so much and does whatever it takes. She is an incredible woman of strength ’

On 4 February the singer’s real name Arnold Dorsey wrote on Facebook: “I don’t have the right words, but I know that I have to speak faith. I asked so many questions in the prayer department

“I know in my heart that I will be fine, but our hearts are breaking and we need a miracle for my beloved wife. Your Alzheimer’s disease and the blow of Covid have left her in need of all the love she will ever have.” has given to return to her a million times

“Our 8pm (West Coast Time) prayer is not just personal, it is addressed to anyone suffering from a pandemic and other life-threatening diseases. Therefore, my friends, I do not feel selfish about this question as we all do must pray for one another ‘

He added that he was grateful to be with Popea at a time when so many others were separated from their loved ones

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Engelbert Humperdinck

World News – GB – Engelbert Humperdinck ‘heartbroken’ when his wife dies after contracting Covid-19