The EastEnders star at the center of a shocking death in the Monday episode (Jan. December) spoke about her departure from the show

The post boxing day episode started in a terrible way when evil attorney Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) killed Tina Carter (Luisa Bradshaw-White) – his second victim on the field – after discovering that he had been murdered Chantelle

When Tina threatened to tell the Taylors and everyone else on the square what he’d done, Gray prevented her from escaping the house

Although Tina initially barricaded herself in another room, Gray was next shown gushing about her corpse and gushing about how she hadn’t listened to him, just like Chantelle

The attorney was later able to convince Mick and Shirley Carter that Tina had fled the place to avoid charges of Ian’s attack while avoiding the police to bury her body

While viewers knew Luisa Bradshaw-White was going to leave, there hasn’t been any evidence so far that Tina would be killed – so the actress has admitted that her departure felt “a little bit bittersweet”

“Tina is a character that I’ve invested a lot in and that I really love So it’s pretty sad to see that ending, “she said.” When you do an acting job, you usually know the ending This is the only job that you don’t really know the ending after all these years in a character and then when you figure out the ending it’s a pretty weird experience

“But for me as an actor I’m really looking forward to the next stage, I’m going to miss all of my lovely people there, I love the cast and crew that I work with and I had such a good time, but it did It opens up possibilities for so many other things that I would like to do, so that’s exciting “

Bradshaw-White admitted it was “strange” filming a death for Tina, especially since viewers were actually shown her body in a particularly gruesome scene

“A character you love, invest in and play for seven years [dying] – that’s weird,” she said. “But actually I really enjoyed the shooting, we had a lot Fun, I really enjoyed playing dead too, it felt like the end of an era so it was sad in some ways but really exciting in other ways

“I’m happy with the fact that she can’t come back so it’s a properly closed door. The final nature I needed. But yeah, it’s exciting, isn’t it? It’s an exciting story to be an actor in so it was nice to play the drama of it all “

Looking back at what she’ll miss most in EastEnders, the actress’ response probably came as no surprise to many fans

“I’m going to miss Danny [Dyer], Kellie [Bright] and Linda [Henry],” she remarked. “And a lot of other people on the show I’ve just made some nice friends. I absolutely love being with my Carter- Family to work I love the crew on set and I love the laughs we have And I love chatting nonsense to people I’ll miss that “

Bradshaw-White announced that she had taken Tina’s tiger-print sneakers home as a souvenir while reflecting on her proudest moment from her time in Albert Square

“The Pride episode felt like a very groundbreaking moment,” she said, “I was thrilled that they brought a gay bar to the place I loved the episode, I just found it so colorful and when we did filmed it there were hundreds of SAs so it was like we were actually on Pride

“I’ve been on stage watching all of these SAs and it was a special, magical moment. Often times when you film something you won’t really appreciate it until you see it on TV, but we all have every second appreciated to be on this episode and the magic it had when we did it you could feel it was just awesome “

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