Door-to-door coronavirus testing in the ME15 area in Mid-Kent begins Tuesday morning (Jan. February) after a certain period variant of COVID-19 was identified

Kent County Council and its partners in the Kent Resilience Forum urge all eligible residents to participate in this important testing program

The government has requested that as many people as possible be tested in the ME15 area after it became known that a specific variant of COVID-19 was identified in the area in a resident who has no ties to travel or other variants The variant is known as South African SARS-CoV-2 – also known as VOC0202012 / 02

Households in the ME15 area are visited by Kent Police, Maidstone Borough Council, Kent Fire and Rescue and other aid agencies knocking on their door asking anyone 16 and older to do a PCR test there and then; This test is then picked up by the same team within a short time after the first visit and sent for laboratory examination

Residents should take this test whether or not they have symptoms.If residents either just had a test or are about to be booked for a test, it is important that they take this test anyway, as additional sequencing for Test positive is carried out

Andrew Scott-Clark, Kent County Council Director of Public Health, said: “We have been asked by the government to help investigate whether this variant of COVID-19 can be found in the ME15 postcode area after a person Variant

tested positive for this

“By visiting door-to-door homes and providing a quick and easy PCR test, we can help limit the spread of the virus even further and test all of these samples for this South African variant

“Our colleagues from Kent Police, Maidstone Borough Council, Kent Fire and Rescue and other aid agencies will be making these home visits and are well trained in helping people conduct these tests

“I would encourage anyone to play their part by taking this PCR test when it is offered and following the usual advice on self-isolation if it tests positive

“I want to assure people that there is currently no evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 variant causes a more serious illness or that the vaccines used do not protect against it

The additional surge tests performed in ME15 zip code areas are sent to laboratories for sequencing to determine whether the positive test results are also positive for the specific variant strain known as the South African variant

Dr Alison Barnett, Regional Director of Public Health England South East, said, “The UK has one of the best genomic systems in the world that has allowed us to identify the South African variant here in Kent, and I encourage everyone to offer a test to monitor the virus in our communities and to suppress and control the spread of this variant

“The most important thing is that people continue to follow the instructions in hand – limit the number of contacts, wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, keep your distance, and cover your face

“If you test positive with any method, you must isolate to stop the virus from spreading”

Secretary of Health and Care Matt Hancock said, “It is important that we do everything we can to stop the transmission of this variant and I urge everyone in these areas to get tested for symptoms or not The best way to stop the virus – including new varieties – from spreading is to stay at home and comply with any restrictions in place. Until more people are vaccinated, doing this is the only way to control the spread of the virus

“The UK is a world leader in Covid-19 genomics Because of this, we were able to identify new virus strains and take decisive action. We continue to closely monitor new variants here and around the world and, in addition to our already extensive test service, provide the affected areas with capacities for overvoltage tests ”

Dr Susan Hopkins, Strategic Response Director at Public Health England and Chief Medical Advisor for NHS Test and Trace, said, “As part of our proactive sequencing work, we know that the new variant of Covid-19 was first discovered in South Africa in a number of areas identified across England A small fraction of these cases are unrelated to international travel, suggesting that there are some cases in the community

“In response, testing is being intensified in certain areas so that we can gather more information and effectively monitor any further transmission by the community”

People are reminded that national lockdown is still in place and should stay home unless they have to leave for substantial reasons

Play your part in protecting yourself and your loved ones and don’t be the reason someone catches COVID. For information on symptom-free test sites across Kent and to book a test, visit wwwKentRegierunguk / symptomfreetest

PCR tests are sent to a laboratory for testing, and samples are retained for further investigation if required.This is why PCR tests are offered door to door rather than the faster lateral flow tests that involve the virus detected but cannot be further analyzed. Side flow tests are disposed of on site at the end of the day

So far, a total of 105 cases of the SARS-CoV-2 variant (also known as VOC-202012/02) have been identified in Great Britain

The Kent Resilience Forum has been working on the COVID response since March 2020 and is made up of local partners including Kent County Council, Medway Council, Kent Police, & Borough Councils, Kent Fire and Rescue Service and Public Health England NHS partner and Search and Rescue from Kent


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