Forget Ice Road Truckers and Vikings Forget Yellowstone and every World War II documentary on the History Channel Forget even if you can, Bosch Cobra Kai is now the papa show of all the papa shows in the TV It’s basically a gnarled full color back tattoo that can’t become Ben Affleck

As for daddy’s shows, this episode really has it all: chases, fight sequences, looking at young women in inappropriate contexts, cheesy jokes, rallying calls from monster trucks, confusion from completely obvious technology, and flashbacks to the good old days of these Episode might as well be titled “Sunday in June” since this year’s Father’s Day came early

This oversized episode features two parallel tracks, one in which Johnny and Daniel hunt for Robby and one in which we learn the genesis of John Kreese and see his plans to take over Cobra Kai from his former student

First and foremost are Jonny and Daniel. If they were to star in a movie his name would be Dad and Dadder and everyone would wear ill-fitting khakis that Daniel always saddles with Daniel says he has a clue as to where Robby is to but his hint will only ask the child’s mother who didn’t even know where he was when he was around Daniel paid to have her go to rehab, but not just any rehab, fancy rehab, in of people doing yoga on the lawn and Johnny manages to stare at every woman in leggings (this guy certainly doesn’t have a Twitter account so he definitely doesn’t know what Me Too is)

Shannon has no idea where Robby is of course, and she says when she found out he was missing she would look for him, but her “life coach advised against it” I’m glad Shannon, even though she was in rehab, is still the narcissistic monster she always was. I love that when Johnny says that her rehab looks like a vacation, she says, “Your idea of ​​a vacation was a monster truck -Rally, ”and Johnny responds the only way he would do by stating that Truckasaurus is great

The only lead they get is to talk to his old, not good friends, whom he used to cheat with, whom, as we last saw, he beat up with when he wouldn’t let her They Rob LaRusso Cars Turns out they’re in jail and the police call “Kevin James Lookalikes,” which is the meanest thing I’ve ever heard, and my husband regularly calls me “Paul Blart” affectionately when Johnny the guy slaps twice in the mouth, the guard pretends not to see This is what you get if you compare a correction officer to a cop in a mall

They don’t give the karate wonder twins a lot of info either. Thankfully, they’re at a gas station and see the minivan Robby stole, but he’s driven by a random guy Johnny, his belly full of corn nuts, gets behind the wheel because he’s a better driver than Daniel, of course, who has probably done more shotgun test drives than Miley Cyrus did bong rips (do dads get Miley Cyrus jokes? if not, replace Miley Cyrus with Snoop Dogg) they land in a completely seedy shop full of stolen cars and guys who look like the frozen platters of beef Rocky Balboa hit in training (dads love a Rocky reference I got redeemed)

Of course, Johnny and Daniel will wipe the floor with these guys, but there’s always one criticism of these fight scenarios: the thugs are on the sidelines, waiting to be beaten up while the karate stars take them out one by one that is sure to be true here, where the tallest guy, a real man mountain, is literally just idling in the background while his compatriots literally get their proverbial asses handed over to them in the car theft

Once they’re all tidied up, Johnny tries to give in to one of the guy’s faces for information and Daniel has to pull him away.Then they get into a big fight because, of course, our rivals couldn’t stay friends all season on What Show would we have then? It would be like This Is Us, where everyone radiates their little complaints but hugs at the end of the class

The boys go their separate ways Johnny breaks into the hospital again to see Miguel, who has woken up from a coma with a brand new haircut, props to anyone who takes care of himself in the two months he’s been out cared because his hair now looks a lot better than the one that went in. The first thing Johnny says when he walks in is, “Thank god they got rid of that ruff I always thought headgear was for nerds.” It’s fun and touching and heartbreaking and just the wrong thing to say right now, and it makes me love Johnny even more

You get into a big old fight because Miguel may not be able to walk anymore (I’m giving these five episodes, Tops) and he thinks that’s because he showed mercy like Johnny told him, and Robby still threw him over a railing. He kicks him out of his room and never wants to talk to him again

Daniel has no better luck with Robby. He finds him at his mother’s rehab facility and the first thing he says to Robby is, “Nice cut, yes, he got a haircut, too. Netflix has the budget for hair and make-up -up really used up after this thing was migrated from YouTube, right? I’m so glad Robby no longer looks like all dads will recognize as JTT

The original plan was for the fathers to find Robby and convince him to come forward so he could get a lighter sentence. Instead, Daniel calls the police and gets caught at the rehab facility. Isn’t that a terrible idea? Didn’t most of the people in rehab have bad experiences with the police? Wouldn’t everyone drop their yoga mats and jump into the bushes to avoid arrest? Shouldn’t this whole scene come with a trigger warning? Robby is so pissed off that he tells Daniel to leave him alone while he defends himself in criminal justice

The only person left with a protégé at the end of the lesson is John Kreese, the bad guy at first, however, we get a number of flashbacks throughout the episode to learn all about Kreese in the opening, a journey into the ’60s (yes, Marty McFly went back to the’ 50s but the same difference) we see some tough guys in a diner talking about how they’re going to give no mercy to we should think one is Kreese, but we’re wrong, of course, Kreese is the 98-pound weakling who works there and whom they choose

Later, when Kreese sees one of those big bad guys beating up his girlfriend, he steps in and whips out some karate skills to save her and the day. But where did he learn those skills from? Did his mother, who killed herself, teach him? Did his father Or a brother? Will we see more of the Kreese origin story in another episode? If we do that, it will likely be more about his time in Vietnam where he goes out to learn about the strong versus the weak and apparently comes back a very changed man

Currently, Tory is up against her own sick (albeit invisible) mother and creepy super who tells her that if she can’t pay the rent, if she can’t pay her age, this girl is in Someone called the cops on this whole building and shut it down

Kreese stops by her gross building (which bears a remarkable resemblance to the gross building of Johnny and Miguel) and tells him that she cannot return to the dojo because she currently cannot afford the fees and has to work to support her mother and her sibling Kreese also catches the wind from the creepy super he threatens by sticking his finger in a cigar cutter and telling him he’s going to chop it off.There’s one more appendix to this guy who I think we are shoved it in a cigar cutter and discarded it, and I think he might like this one even less

Eventually, Kreese persuades Tory to return to the Cobra Kai Dojo, where he has dismissed all weak and squeaky students and replaces them with hardasses like Tory and Hawk. When he saves Tory, we see that he is not all bad, despite being her ultimately only wants it for his own selfish purposes. He says to his class: “If you put your weakness aside, you will be unstoppable. But is that really true? Kreese has apparently lost all of his weaknesses and he’s a total mayhem just about five episodes away from a homeless shelter when his former student gave him a shame job Kreese’s indoctrination is an interesting echo of the first season of the series where Johnny is this one Teaching kids all these bunks before he realized it was exactly that attitude that royally screwed him up, Daniel and Johnny try to be fathers to Miguel and Robby, and now it’s everyone else who puts them in real danger. p>

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