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Published: 15:20 GMT, Dec. February 2021 | Updated: 16:05 GMT, Jan. February 2021

Jerome Boateng was given premature leave of absence from preparations for the FC Bayern Munich Club World Cup in Qatar after the tragic news about the death of his former girlfriend

Kasia Lenhardt, 25, was found dead by the police on Tuesday evening in a luxury apartment that is said to belong to Boateng in Berlin’s upscale Charlottenborg district

The couple split up just last week and Lenhardt killed himself on her son’s sixth birthday. The police say they do not treat her death as suspicious

Kasia Lenhardt, 25, was found dead in Berlin on Tuesday evening on the sixth birthday of her son Noah and just a week after the separation from Boateng

Lenhardt killed himself on son Noah’s sixth birthday, according to a friend who said she was “very upset” about the allegations Boateng made against her in the German media (pictured here on Noah’s fifth birthday on September 9) February last year)

Her death was announced publicly on Wednesday morning and it was confirmed that afternoon that Boateng would be returning to Germany

Bayern will play against Mexican club Tigres UANL in the Club World Cup final on Thursday, but Boateng has asked to leave the group for obvious and understandable personal reasons

“We were all really excited,” said Bayern boss Hansi Flick on Wednesday at a virtual press conference

Jerome was in my room and asked me to go home. We also granted his wish from the club

‘After the corona test, which he also needs to enter Germany, he will travel home and will not be available to us until further notice’

Jerome came to me and asked me to return home.After a negative (COVID-19) test, he is returning home and is unavailable until further notice ‘

About Lenhardt’s death, a friend told MailOnline: “It was her son Noah’s birthday yesterday. Kasia was at home alone. A member of her family called the police because they couldn’t reach her and were concerned

‘She died a week after Jerome gave an interview in which he said their relationship was over. He said some really nasty things about Kasia. She was very upset about it’

Her death was confirmed on Wednesday by model friend Sara Kulka, who paid tribute in a cryptic Instagram post: “I hope the truth comes out I know how much you wanted it to be”

Lenhardt had been with 32-year-old Boateng for 15 months before their relationship on Jan. February imploded in a fierce battle in which the couple used social media and the press to exchange blows

Lenhardt said she broke up with Boateng because of his “lies and infidelity” while branding him “the devil” (pictured right, with a tattoo of the soccer player’s name on her ribs)

Boateng had accused Lenhardt of sabotaging his relationship with ex-girlfriend Rebecca Silvera and his family before they met, and blackmailed him to stay with her

Meanwhile, Lenhardt – who had the soccer player’s name tattooed on her chest – branded her ex “the devil” and swore to “speak” and “fight back” as soon as she recovered from the breakup

Just a few hours before she was found dead, Lenhardt had talked about a “new chapter” in her life on Instagram

She was also mourned by model Lovelyn Enebechi, who starred in the TV show Germany’s Next Top Model, in which Kasia also became famous

‘rest in peace! You wonderful, great person, I miss you and I am incredibly sad, “she wrote on Instagram

Paramedics are seen outside the apartment where her body was found Tuesday after police were called to report a suicide Officers say the death will not be treated as suspicious

October 2019: Boateng is believed to split up with girlfriend Rebecca Silvera around this time to go out with Kasia, as the two were seen together in New York

December: Kasia publishes the first photo of the couple together, with Boateng posting a love heart underneath

February 2020: Kasia uploads another picture of the couple on Valentine’s Day and calls Boateng “my love”

December 2020: An argument breaks out between Rebecca and Kasia when the former goes to Instagram to accuse the latter of “stealing” her boyfriend by copying and tampering with Kasia apologizing publicly

January 2021: Kasia writes off Boateng’s Mini in a crash in Berlin and later has alcohol in her blood

2 February: Boateng announces the couple has split up and accuses Kasia of blackmailing him into a relationship and having a “massive” problem with alcohol

9 February: Kasia is found dead in a Berlin apartment that presumably belongs to the soccer player. Just hours earlier, she uploaded an Instagram story in which she promised to start a new chapter in her life

‘I would have loved to say goodbye to you and I cannot put into words how much I miss you, I will never forget you! I wish your family a lot of strength

Boateng was the first to announce the split after Kasia crashed his Mini on Jan. January had written off German media reported that she had exceeded the alcohol limit

The 32-year-old said he would “take responsibility and act in the interests of [my] family” and “apologize to everyone I hurt especially my ex-girlfriend and our children”

In an interview with German newspaper Bild, Boateng Lenhardt accused Lenhardt of blackmailing him on false allegations of domestic abuse while saying she had a “massive” problem with alcohol

He admitted cheating on his ex Silvera with Lenhardt, but said she was also controlling and abusive

He said, ‘Kasia became my girlfriend by breaking relationships with my ex-girlfriend Rebecca and my family and blackmailing me

‘So I decided to stick with Kasia and try to make it work. Even the relationship with her public was due to pressure from Kasia to do it. It wasn’t mine.

‘During our relationship, Kasia often threatened to destroy me, threatened to ruin my career and even try to make me lose my children

‘Kasia said she would do this by accusing me of beating her.She knew my children’s mother accused me of the same and that we have a lawsuit about it

‘Kasia contacted my children’s mother and said she would help her in court, anything just to destroy me’

He even went so far as to claim that the model used fake social media profiles to attack him and “tell lies”

But Lenhardt hit back, saying she actually ended the relationship because of Boateng’s ‘lies and constant infidelity’

In a final farewell shot, Kasia branded Boateng as “the devil” and said: “I will definitely speak, but I have to collect myself”Please give me time

‘I will strike back! Because I’ve never been so fooled, used, or lied to so give me a moment ‘

The news of Lenhardt’s death was confirmed by fellow model Sara Kulka, who uploaded a photo of the couple on Instagram

Boateng admitted cheating on his former girlfriend Rebecca Silvera with Lenhardt, but said she was controlling and abusive – using false threats of domestic violence to make sure he would stay with her

Silvera accused Lenhardt last December of stealing the footballer from her by copying her and then mocking her for “manipulating me and further hurting me”

She also wrote: “Rest in peace, you wonderful person, I miss you and would have loved to say goodbye

‘I hope you find your peace now and I hope the truth comes out now I know how much you wished it

‘I will never forget you, I don’t know anyone who could laugh like you. I send a lot of strength to the family’

Lenhardt became known in the TV show Germany’s Next Top Model, where she appeared in 2012 and took fourth place in the competition

She leaves behind a son, Noah, who is believed to be six years old and was born to a former partner she separated from three years ago

The death was confirmed by fellow model Sara Kulka, who wrote a tribute post on Instagram and cryptically said, “I hope the truth comes out now, I know how much you wanted it to be”

Lenhardt (2ndFrom left to right) had become famous on Germany’s Next Top Model TV show, which she appeared on in 2012 when she was just 17.She finished fourth and made several other TV appearances before starting dating Boateng

She leaves behind a son, Noah, who is believed to be six years old and was born to a former partner she separated from three years ago

Jerome Boateng has a long and troubled history with the women in his life – haunted by bitter breakups, allegations of serial infidelity, and a lawsuit by the mother of his children for alleged assault

Boateng has spent much of his adult life in a relationship with model Sherin Senler, who is the mother of two of his children – twin girls named Soley and Lamia, who were born in 2011

The couple first started dating in 2007, but have broken up repeatedly on charges of infidelity, including with model Gina-Lisa Lohfink – although both Boateng and Lohfink deny that a tryst occurred

Boateng and Senler then split the year their twins were born amid rumors that they would only speak to each other through lawyers

They were back together two years later and got engaged in 2014, but separated again in 2018 without ever tying the knot

Senler accused Boateng of attacking her while on vacation by throwing a glass candle holder at her, an allegation his lawyers have denied

Boateng said the boy’s name is Jermar, a name that combines his own initials with those of his mother, although it is unclear who exactly the mother is

Some time after the 2018 split, Boateng began dating Jamaican model Rebecca Silvera before dropping her for Kasia sometime in October 2019

The first sign that his relationship with Kasia was in trouble came in December last year when Rebecca on Instagram accused the Polish model of stealing her husband by copying and manipulating her

Then, in February of that year, the romance between Boateng and Kasia imploded – and the Bayern defender accused her of blackmailing him and his family while calling him “the devil” and swearing over their breakup speak as soon as she has recovered

A Berlin police spokesman said: “Yesterday at around 8:30 am there was a police operation in Charlottenburg on suspicion of suicide

MailOnline has asked Boateng representatives for a comment, but no response has been received at the time of publication. Fab4Media, which represents Lenhardt, made a statement on Instagram that reads: “We are deeply shocked and mourn Kasia’s family ‘” / p>

Boateng has a long and troubled history with the women in his life and is currently involved in a lawsuit with Sherin Senler – the mother of his twin daughters – over allegations that he attacked them in 2018

The footballer is said to have thrown a small glass candle holder at her while on vacation, which, according to his lawyers, is based on unproven allegations by third parties

Boateng and Senler began their relationship in 2007 but had a tumultuous relationship in which they broke up on multiple occasions amid allegations of repeated fraud, including model Gina-Lisa Lohfink – although both parties have denied it

The couple’s breakup in 2011 – the same year twins Soley and Lamia were born – was so violent that they reportedly only communicated through their lawyers

Boateng and Senler, a former fashion student, revived their love in 2013 and got engaged the following year, but are said to have separated again after the alleged attack in 2018

In 2018, Boateng announced that he had a son named Jermar, who was born three years earlier at the time, he said the boy’s name came from the first few letters of my name and his mother’s name, although he never did revealed exactly who the mother is and largely kept the boy out of the spotlight

The soccer player was involved in a relationship with Jamaican model Silvera at the time, although it is unclear exactly when they started dating

The couple dated until October 2019 when Boateng was first pictured with Lenhardt while visiting New York

Lenhardt confirmed that their relationship was real in the following Instagram posts in December and on Valentine’s Day the following year, describing Boateng as “my love”

But the romance got into trouble in December last year when Silvera took to Instagram to accuse Lenhardt of stealing her Boateng by copying and manipulating her

Boateng then separated from Lenhardt at the beginning of this month, apologized to Silvera and his family and said it was time to take on responsibility

Lenhardt then accused Boateng of “constant infidelity”, although she did not reveal who the alleged Trysts were with

The police said they were called to a residential building in Berlin at 8 a.m. Tuesday at 30 p.m. after reports of a suicide and found a body (in the picture the apartment)

This is the Berlin house where her body was found, with Boateng’s initials on the doorbell

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