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For the first time in the young history of WandaVision, the latest episode of the series did not feature our favorite telekinetician Avenger, who reenacted timeless TV shows like the Dick Van Dyke Show, Bewitched, The Brady Bunch or Modern Family.Instead, it was in episode 8 , “Before,” set out how Wanda, Vision, Agatha, and the rest of the residents of Westview got into their current position

It turns out that Agatha is an old witch who was dragged to Westview because of Wanda’s massive exercise of power in creating the place in the last seven episodes of WandaVision, it had turned to viewers – and to S.W.ÖRD. – as if Wanda was simply controlling everyone and giving them new clothes. But for Agatha’s keen eye Wanda actually did magic on a grand scale

Agatha takes Wanda on a journey through Wanda’s memories, trying to find out where her powers come from. The highly traumatic therapy session provides some revelations about Wanda’s past, but also about her sitcom connection – Wanda grew up listening to sitcoms to overcome the trauma of Escape from war and grief When faced with the ultimate in grief, she literally put herself and Vision in a sitcom to escape

The revelations and twists in this episode are perhaps a little less noticeable than what WandaVision has given us in the past. Instead of moving us forward, “Previous On” provided a lot more information about Wanda and developed her more as a character than Marvels Movies Ever Before And in doing so, she laid the foundation for Wanda – or, as Agnes calls her, the Scarlet Witch – to embark on future big-screen endeavors

Here’s a little more about what we now know about Wanda, how it connects with Marvel’s Comics, the mid-credits scene of Episode 8, and what it all means when WandaVision’s nine-episode season closes The end goes

Throughout the season, the question that WandaVision emphasizes was: who is behind this? The show, the sitcom hijinks, the costumes, the energy field, the resurrection of vision – who or what was able to do it? And further, could it really be Wanda Maximoff?

I don’t know exactly how Vision was able to acquire the deed for real estate in Westview – nor am I an expert on synthetic real estate transactions. Spurred on by trauma and grief, Wanda created a whole world for her and Vision in Westview changed the reality around her around completely at the atomic level and at the same time wiped out the citizens

The explanation for Wanda’s sudden surge of electricity, somewhat aided by an Agatha Harkness, is that everyone, including Wanda, was thinking wryly about Wanda’s powers

Agatha is a witch herself and recognizes Wanda’s powers as a series of spells or magic rather than telekinesis and telepathy bestowed upon her by an Infinity Stone (as first mentioned in the post-credits scene of Captain America: Winter Soldier; she’s powers were then re-referenced in Avengers: Age of Ultron The Infinity Stone simply amplified Wanda’s latent magical abilities.The mind control and energy Wanda used in Marvel’s films, it turns out, is just the tip of the iceberg – a little taste of how Wanda’s magic manifested itself

Thanks to several retcons, Wanda’s powers in the comic are a convoluted and intricate mix of so-called “chaos magic” (which Agatha says at the end of the episode) and reality warping. In a world full of order, math, science and technology, Wanda’s powers are one Anomaly Challenging These Concepts According to Marvel, she can use magic to rewrite reality if she so wishes. Marvel explains:

Due to early exposure to mystical energies and forces, Wanda can transform reality to various extremes. The Scarlet Witch, known as the “Hex” in her founding years as the Avenger, believed to use the ability to influence probabilities in order to keep herself using herself positively, albeit at times to falsify the results. Later she mastered the skill and began to understand it as a literal change in reality

WandaVision pointed this out from the start in the first episode of the series, Wanda burns a chicken she’s currently cooking and then tries to undo the damage – but turns the chicken into a basket of eggs in this episode, too, mumbles the wife of Visions boss the word “chaos” – an Easter egg that refers to Wanda’s comic powers

In episode two, more of Wanda was shown engaging in magic on a hands-on neighborhood magic show, it also appears that she is able to manipulate reality: when the beekeeper-like figure comes out of the sewer, Wanda “rewinds” him from the picture. She also made herself pregnant

In episode five, Darcy, Monica, and Agent Woo found that Wanda was manipulating matter in The Three Notes, that Monica was walking through the Westview energy field wearing a Kevlar vest, but when zapped out of Westview it appeared that Wanda had turned the vest into a contemporary costume.She appeared to have done the same thing with an S.ÖRD. Drone That Became a Toy Helicopter In episodes six and seven, we learn that Monica’s cells were rewritten as she crossed the energy field, and she is now displaying superpowers based on electricity or light

While Agatha and Wanda seem to be heading for a duel in the season finale, the reveal of Wanda’s magical powers is also tied to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wanda is reportedly a big figure in the upcoming Marvel sequel to 2022, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness So it makes a lot of sense that Wanda, assuming she gets through this ordeal in Westview, is looking for the most powerful magic user in the MCU.Or maybe it’s the other way around and the most powerful magic user in the MCU will seek out Wanda, someone who is perhaps even more powerful than he

Episode eight also gives us a glimpse into Agatha’s backstory, which dates back to 1693 in Salem.It appears that Agatha is a very old witch whose coven she attacked for engaging in magic that was too powerful during hers Attack, she turned the tables and apparently took up all her strength and sucked their life out

She was interested in Wanda and Westview, she tells Wanda, because she sensed the magic Wanda was exuding. Not only does she want to know how Wanda is able to achieve the magic, she supposedly wants it to appear to herself, too it is as if Agatha was trying to drain Wanda’s powers as she did with those of the witches in 1693

On the episode’s cliffhanger, Agatha says something very strange. She calls Wanda the “Scarlet Witch” – a name that seems to mean a lot to Agatha and the audience, and Wanda not so much

Scarlet Witch is Wanda’s comic codename or alias, but not a name we’ve heard in Marvel’s films.In the MCU, she has only ever gone from Wanda.So her brother Pietro has only gone from Pietro so far, despite being in the comics known as mercury

But Agatha doesn’t say it in some kind of superhero “code-named” way. If Agatha instead says Wanda is the Scarlet Witch, it sounds like some kind of mystical being that Agatha read about, or some kind of magical prophecy And now that she has met Wanda and knows that she is able to distort reality and manipulate matter, Agatha has put two and two together

Agatha’s ominous portrayal on WandaVision is a slight departure from the comics in which she is actually one of Wanda’s mentors, teaming up with heroes like the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.She plays a huge role in helping Wanda to realize her powers.She plays a prominent role in a story about Wanda’s children and the resurrection of at least one dead avenger.While she often teaches through hard love and is often antagonistic in the comics, Agatha is not as evil or greedy for power as in her Wanda vision- Representation

As a fan of Kathryn Hahn, I selfishly hope that Agatha and Wanda find a way to say all of this and become disapproving friends – or allies like in the comics, but it sure seems that Agatha is determined to take Wanda’s chaos magic, suggesting that things will not end well

As the magical duel begins in Westview, the annoyance of S still remainsW.ÖRD. Director Tyler Hayward goes about his vicious business outside of the anomaly.He has wanted to bomb Westview and eliminate Wanda for several episodes.He has also tried and failed to revive the vision himself

The mid-credits scene from Episode 8 gives us a glimpse of Hayward, right behind the Hex, making one last attempt.He and his team brought the Body of Vision (the version of Vision in Westview that was made by Wandas Electric shock and grief), and they try to resuscitate him with the residual strength of Wanda himself that was left in the drone he tried to kill Wanda with in episode five

“We took this thing apart and put it back together a million times,” he explains to his team, explaining that they tried every type of power supply “We just needed a little bit of power straight from the source”

Hayward tells his team to press the button and the remaining force charges the corpse of Vision. This “vision” comes to life and then flashes before the scene goes black

Being an idiot, Hayward will likely use his zombie vision to attack Wanda and set up the finale: Wanda and Agatha play it off while Hayward tries to eliminate Westview with his new toy, Maybe – and that’s me another Hahn apologist – could such a scenario result in Agatha and Wanda signing a truce to save themselves and the people of Westview? Or could it cause Wanda’s version of vision to reunite with his body? Maybe Monica, Darcy, and Agent Woo (whom we haven’t heard from in a while) have more tricks up their sleeves?

Whatever happens, I selfishly hope this all ends with Hahns Agatha getting her own spinoff show, but we’ll all find out the answers in next week’s season finale

Scarlet Witch

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