Metallica’s classic album Master of Puppets turned 35 on Wednesday, and to celebrate, the band performed on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on the opening track, “Battery”

As a nod to their influential Metal album and tour that went with it, Metallica performed in front of their original Damage, Inc tour background

“It’s so much fun to be back at the @colbertlateshow to celebrate 35 years of puppet masters again, light the battery and wipe the old, wrinkled backdrop in remarkably good shape (the backdrop !!)”, joked drummer Lars Ulrich on Instagram

Last month, the Bay Area band played “For Whom the Bell Tolls” from their California headquarters at this year’s BlizzCon virtual, the annual presentation for video game maker Blizzard Entertainment. Viewers quickly noticed that Twitch Gaming -Stream the event the band’s music was being replaced with other music when a failsafe DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) was introduced to protect the rights of the song

Also in February, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo appeared together with Primus founder Les Claypool in the short film Precious Metals directed by Claypool’s son Cage


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