Leading retailers, Flying Tiger Copenhagen and MUJI, have announced that they will be launching app clips in addition to MishiPay’s mobile self-checkout solution, MishiPay’s Scan and Go technology, customers can use their own phone in-store to scan and pay for your purchases so you don’t have to waste time standing in line at the checkout. Flying Tiger Copenhagen and MUJI have teamed up with MishiPay to be one of the first retailers in Europe to offer the iPhone customer app – Offer clips with Apple Pay Customers in MUJI stores in the UK and selected Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores in Denmark and Sweden can now use app clips to launch MishiPay. App clips are a way for iPhone users to quickly access a small part of a Access the app and experience it App clips codes are visually distinct codes that users can tap or scan to quickly access the experience.Each app clip code is encoded with a URL and can support NFC tagging when you have the iPhone in the store near the Holding app clips codes, the store launches the MishiPay app clip, which allows a customer to check out Apple Pay without having to download the full app – great for shoppers in a hurry

If a customer has already installed the MishiPay app on their device, they can hold their iPhone next to the app clip code to start the app immediately This allows them to scan items and check out at warp speedThe global pandemic has accelerated the adoption of mobile checkout solutions MishiPay’s innovative mobile self-checkout system can help increase the safety of customers and employees by eliminating the need for customers to touch hardware in-store while waiting in queues at the store Providing app clips enables even faster user adoption so you no longer have to wait for the app to download Mustafa Khanwala, founder and CEO of MishiPay, said, “MishiPay started a high street revolution With App Clips, Apple is making it easy for us to adopt our technology so we can create an exciting and irreversible future for in-store shopping ”

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World news – FI – Flying Tiger Copenhagen and MUJI provide app clips in connection with MishiPay’s Scan and Go – Intelligent CIO Europe

Source: https://www.intelligentcio.com/eu/2021/04/14/flying-tiger-copenhagen-and-muji-deploy-app-clips-in-conjunction-with-mishipays-scan-and-go/