The Dutch cargo transport ship Eemslift Hendrika is currently off Norway after it was last night (5 April) made a tough list in rough seas

All 12 crew members were safely evacuated by helicopter, as this footage published by the Norwegian Rescue Coordination Center shows, and the precious cargo of the boat was delivered to the North Sea

Boats aboard the Eemslift Hendrika include two work boats, a sailing yacht, and a sport cruiser-style motorboat that appears to be an early Sunseeker Predator 68 (estimated value over 300000 GBP)

The situation looks dangerous The project manager of the Norwegian Coastal Administration, Hans Petter Mortensholm, told the local broadcaster NRK: “There is a risk that the ship capsizes and sinks. The ship has [350 tons] of heavy fuel oil and [50 tons] of diesel on board”

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AIS data shows that Eemslift Hendrika is currently located approximately 50 miles northwest of Ålesund, where conditions are severe with waves up to 15 meters in height

“Tow lines have been attached behind the ship,” Mortensholm added. “As soon as conditions allow, we will try to stop the ship and cease operations so that the ship can be stabilized

“If it continues the voyage it is now, the ship will be close to our coast in about a day and a half,” he continued

“It is important that we take action now to prevent the ship from posing an environmental hazard. This is our main focus”

Eemslift Hendrika

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