After the death of the global dressage star Totilas at the age of 20, honors were received from the entire equestrian community

The Gribaldi son had enormous success in 2009 and 2010 under Edward Gal, breaking world records and winning numerous gold medals

The British Laura Tomlinson and Mistral Hojris (Alf), silver medalists at the World Equestrian Games (WEG) in 2010, in which Totilas won three gold medals, shared the podium several times with Edward and “Toto”

“I was number two for Edward and Totilas for a long time – Alf and I even held the WEG Grand Prix record in Kentucky for about five minutes before Totilas hit the arena,” said Laura

“Totilas was a wonder horse that changed the world of dressage. There was so much hype about him and enormous interest in our sport from other disciplines and also from outside the world of equestrian sport. It was a really fun and exciting time, to be at the forefront of the sport

“I had a really fun rivalry with Edward who was a great sport and the rest of the Dutch team – when they won team gold in 2010 my mom bought them all limoncello and when we won gold a year later in exchange for them Europeans in Rotterdam, the Dutch team had already organized a round of limoncello for us, ”Laura told H&H

“The partnership and silhouette of Edward and Toto have become icons, something that those of us lucky enough to see live will never forget”

Carl Hester was also a member of the British dressage team, which competed against Totilas for all of the horse’s time at the forefront of the sport

“How privileged I feel to have seen him live,” Carl told H&H “And how much we all owe him for his incredible presence and ability to bring new audiences to the dressage world”

Charlotte Dujardin, who took over the cloak at the head of the sport with Valegro in the years after Totilas’ reign, said: “Totilas, you were a dominant horse of our time and will always be remembered with my thoughts and condolences to all who dealt with this sweet horse and to those who, like me, are very sad to hear of his death ”

Many other British riders have shared their favorite memories of Totilas, including the para-dressage world champion Sophie Wells, who was a leaf collector at the 2009 European Championships when Totilas was the first horse to break the 90% limit

“You honored me with your trust. You were my friend. I will miss you until we meet again ”

“We will miss you so much and never forget you”

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“I’m incredibly grateful to have seen Totilas in the meat many times, but in 2009, when I was 19 years old, collecting his sheets from the Europeans in Windsor is a clear highlight,” said Sophie. “RIP Special Boy, you’ve changed dressage ”

The FEI also paid tribute by posting, “Thank you so much for the broken records, the memories made and the history your hoofbeats have created. Totilas is a legend that has inspired fans around the world and forever as to be remembered as one of the greats who changed the sport Fly up, Toto ”

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Weltnachrichten – FI – “A wonder horse that has changed dressage”: Tributes from top riders to Totilas