Partners who collectively 22 million Investing EUR, while the total investment is 50 million EUR, as the H&M Group changes to Spinnova’s partners

The materials innovation company Spinnova and the world’s largest wood pulp maker Suzano are estimated to be $ 22 million Invest in the construction of the first commercial Spinnova production plant in Finland. The total investment including all necessary infrastructure such as real estate will amount to around 50 million Spinnova’s sustainable fiber, made from wood and waste without the use of harmful chemicals, will be available for global textile brands in 2022

The new industrial-scale production unit is located in Jyväskylä, Finland, where the R&D hub and Spinnova’s pilot plant are located.The production is managed and operated by a new joint venture company, the 50/50 owned by Spinnova and his partner and investor Suzano is

We are humble and proud that we will soon be able to offer brands our new, disturbingly sustainable fibers and fabrics

The joint venture investment is estimated at 22 million EUR estimated According to Spinnova, the total investment, which includes all necessary infrastructure such as real estate, amounts to around 50 million EUR The property is being built and rented for the joint venture by the Jyväskylä property development company Jykia

“Every leading textile brand is looking for ways to minimize their emissions and their ecological footprint and to create a circular material basis for their products”, says Janne Poranen, CEO and co-founder of Spinnova. “We feel humble and proud that we will soon be able to offer our new, annoyingly sustainable fibers and fabrics to brands ”

Suzano is a global leader in the manufacture of eucalyptus pulp and has expanded its activities to create sustainable and innovative solutions from trees for the challenges of society. As part of the joint venture, Spinnova will be the exclusive technology provider, while Suzano will be the supply of sustainable produced microfibrillated cellulose from eucalyptus planted by Suzano in Brazil.The fiber produced is sold under the Spinnova brand

“Suzano only uses planted trees in its production processes. This renewable raw material is combined with Spinnova technology to produce fibers that are more sustainable than the options currently available in the textile industry, which are tailored to the requirements of today’s society”, says Fernando Bertolucci, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Suzano

With a process that uses no harmful chemicals and 99% less water than in the cotton value chain, the fiber can be seen as the most sustainable textile fiber there is, according to Spinnova, according to data The company’s only minimal CO2 emissions, are quickly biodegradable and do not contain any microplastics.The fact that these fibers can be recycled again and again into a new fiber makes the Spinnova fiber annoyingly circular, according to the company’s Spinnova technology enables production of textile fibers from wood, but also from textile waste or agricultural waste such as wheat or barley straw

So far, Spinnova materials have been developed in collaboration with leading fashion brands such as the Danish clothing company Bestseller, the Finnish fashion house Marimekko and the Norwegian outdoor brand Bergans. Today the H&M Group announces that it has joined the brand group in a partnership with Spinnova

“The goal of the H&M group is to become completely circular We are continuously testing and striving to further integrate the use of sustainable materials through our group’s brands. We see great potential in Spinnova to address some of the sustainability challenges we are facing today, ”comments Mattias Bodin, Head of the Circular Innovation Lab the H&M Group

Most leading apparel brands are committed to becoming climate neutral or even climate positive, Spinnova informs. Since the cradle-to-gate emissions of Spinnova materials are significantly lower than those of cotton, it is a radical improvement in existing textile fibers According to the Finnish company, Spinnova’s fiber is already well suited for blends with other natural fibers, especially cotton. In large quantities, Spinnova blends alone can have a major positive impact on the environment

Spinnova will announce a number of new brand collaborations and products later this year The company expects to fill the production capacity of the new plant this year

“We believe that Spinnova fiber will be the breakthrough that the textile and fashion industries have been waiting for,” adds Poranen. “We have all the necessary components: a good quality product that will replace cotton in end products can, a proof of concept of our production pilot, scalable technology and a sufficient, sustainable raw material supply ”

In order to accelerate the further growth of the company, Spinnova is currently actively examining several key financing alternatives

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