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The WandaVision series finale had countless great revelations and poignant moments, but none was bigger than the reveal that was the real name of Evan Peters’ character, Is he Pietro Maximoff? Peter Maximoff? Fietro? No: Evan Peters is Ralph Bohner. But who is Ralph Bohner? And is there a Ralph Bohner in Marvel Comics?

These are fantastic questions that I’ll answer right after this spoiler warning

Ralph Bohner is a “boner” joke Didn’t you get it? Here I explain it to you

When a man gets an erection it is sometimes colloquially referred to as a “boner”. Boner is clearly a pretty funny word. Not that penises are serious anyway, they all look pretty stupid. But the term “boner” captures that stupidity and does reinforces it to the nth degree It’s often used as a punchline for a joke. It also sometimes means “a mistake” or something that went wrong. But most of the time it relates to the first thing I mentioned

Anyway, Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) is captured by Fietro who is now a total stoner guy, complete with a smoothie machine and strict fandom for Steven Seagal it’s all very funny and thanks to him The witchcraft of Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) still seems to have Quicksilver’s super-speed, he is not a serious threat In fact, Monica defeats him pretty quickly, knocks him down and removes the magical pearl necklace that Agatha uses to control him / give him powers

Shortly before, however, she discovers his headshot. Fietro is not a mutant or someone with super powers. He is the worst person you can imagine: an actor And not only that, he is an actor named “Ralph Bohner” ”

To drive it home in disgust, Monica says, “Bohner?” And when you were wondering, say the “hHis name is pronounced” BonerLike a boner Pretty fun stuff

This also shows that Evan Peters actually plays the “Husband Ralph” that Agatha / Agnes has been referring to all season who was seemingly off-screen centuries-old witch has come into conflict? Well, probably not. We saw Agatha manipulate him like a puppet in the credits for “Agatha All Along,” and as we just said he’s an actor unlike the headshots that Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) did some before Episodes showed who the “real” people in Westview were, this isn’t a town populated by failed actors like most of the rest of New Jersey in real life. This is a normal town that happens to be an actor lives, and his name is Ralph Bohner

Is Ralph Bohner a character from Marvel Comics? Good question no He’s kidding. That’s it. That’s the whole thing going on here. There’s no Ralph Bohner mentioned before (or likely later) in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) There is no Ralph Bohner in Marvel Comics There is hardly a Ralph Bohner at WandaVision Ralph Bohner is quite simply a joke

No, that’s not him. That’s it! Now to the real questions like “What happened to Jimmy Woo’s witness protection and is his name Josh Cojones?” We’ll never find out!

Ralph Bohner

World news – CA – Who is Ralph Bohner at “WandaVision”?