The Saskatoon-based science and research facility said 108 volunteers were selected to participate in their COVAC-2 vaccine study

“We are excited to start clinical studies,” said VIDO Director Dr Volker Gerdts said in a statement on Wednesday

“Our team has worked hard to advance the development of this vaccine to fight the COVID-19 pandemic”

The Canadian Center for Vaccine (CCfV) in Halifax is conducting the study In a placebo-controlled study, the volunteers are given two doses 28 days apart

This is the first of two coronavirus vaccine candidates from the VIDO subunit to participate in clinical trials

According to VIDO, subunit vaccines contain purified viral proteins that are non-infectious and do not require ultra-cold storage temperatures

“I think where our protein vaccines will have an advantage is that they better protect against these new varieties,” said Gerdts

Once the phase 1 test passes, the COVAC-2 will move to the phase 2 test, according to VIDO, hundreds of people across the country will be involved in assessing the safety of the vaccine and the immune response the vaccine elicits in people, to investigate

“This milestone on the way to a Phase 1 human trial is evidence of VIDO’s world-renowned expertise in infectious disease research for human and animal health,” said Dr Baljit Singh, Vice President of Research at the University of Saskatchewan (USask), where VIDO is located

“USask is a leader in vaccine development and this is another achievement in VIDO’s advancement as Canada’s pandemic research center”

VIDO is also building a production facility that can produce up to 40 million vaccine doses a year

The construction of the facility should be completed this year Certification for vaccine production is planned for 2022

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