Roger Federer, left, discussed the development of his first tennis shoe on the court with On, The Roger [] professional

The newest Roger Federer On shoe moves from the street to the square With this, the Swiss brand receives its first tennis sneaker on the court and brings the Federer sneaker line into full swing.But the shoe is only for Federer and not for his fans, at least for the moment

On unveiled The Roger Pro on Jan. March and Federer, who wore a camouflaged version in black and white before the announcement, will wear a white color with blue accents at the Qatar Open 2021, Federer’s first ATP game since the beginning of 2020

“After so many years at the top of world sport, Roger has a sense of what performance should feel like,” says Olivier Bernhard, Ons co-founder, innovation leader and former professional athlete. “He can feel every little adjustment. This insight guided the entire project ”

Federer, with 20 Grand Slam titles in his name, who had the most to do with Rafael Nadal in men’s tennis in 1998, turned pro in 1998. He wore clothes and shoes from Nike
from the mid-1990s until he signed a new apparel deal with Japanese brand Uniqlo in the summer of 2018 He continued to wear Nike shoes on the court but partnered with On as an investor in November 2019 His first product, The Roger Center Court, arrived in July 2020, a tennis-inspired lifestyle shoe.Since that launch, On has released different versions of the shoe, known as The Roger Clubhouse and most recently The Roger Advantage

In order to develop a sneaker that is suitable for performance on the court, the technology had to be adopted from On’s growing presence while running and the linear know-how had to be adapted to the lateral demands of tennis. “Tennis players wear that when they move sideways Three times your body weight through a shoe ”, says Bernhard.“ These high forces require extreme mobility and stability. We worked on this with Roger ”

The Roger Pro uses a midsole made from what the brand calls high-performance foam and a metatarsal cage for foot safety.A rounded sole design is designed to aid smooth transitions while Federer moves on the court.Like other The Roger models, the Speedboard is said to be -Plate from On between the midsole and the upper made of 100 percent carbon fiber improve the energy return and at the same time absorb the impact on landing

On says the concept of The Roger Pro served as the initial technological inspiration for all models in The Roger franchise000 retailers in over 55 countries is “a one-of-a-kind model designed according to Rogers requirements and not available for purchase”

That doesn’t mean that nothing will change, and Bernhard teases: “On and Roger Federer are constantly working on the next generation of On shoes,” he says, “Stay tuned for what’s to come”

The Roger Pro’s first white and blue colorway sets the template for what the fan can expect as they move forward.Images from the brand show that there may be additional white and blue combinations, as well as a white and orange design for Federer are already available

I cover stadiums, sneakers, and tennis I’ve written regularly about design, equipment, architecture, and sports for TIME, Sports Illustrated, Popular Mechanics, Wired, and

I cover stadiums, sneakers, and tennis I’ve written regularly on design, equipment, architecture, and sports for TIME, Sports Illustrated, Popular Mechanics, Wired, and more, from exclusive seating to chat sneakers with Kobe Bryant to several Fashion discussions with Roger Federer and walking through the concours of still-open stadiums with architects to explore concession menus with chefs By fusing my interest in sport with architecture and design, I cover the sport aesthetic Follow me on Twitter @tdnewcomb

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