Investors looking for stocks in the technology services space should consider either Rocket Companies (RKT) or ShotSpotter (SSTI) But which of these two stocks is more attractive to value investors? We have to take a closer look to find out

Everyone has their own ways of finding great value creation opportunities However, our model involves the combination of an impressive grade in the value category of our Style Scores system with a strong Zacks rank. The proven Zacks rank highlights companies with positive valued revision trends, and our style scores highlight stocks with certain characteristics

Rocket Companies currently has a Zacks rank of # 2 (Buy) while ShotSpotter currently has a Zacks rank of # 4 (Sell) Investors should feel confident that RKT has likely improved its earnings outlook more than SSTI has lately Time, however, is only part of the picture for value investors

Value investors are also interested in a number of proven valuation metrics that show when a company is undervalued at its current share price level

The Style Scores system’s value category identifies undervalued companies based on a number of key metrics that include long-preferred P / E, P / E, earnings yield, cash flow per share, and a host of other bases that help us determine fair value help a company

RKT currently has a forward P / E ratio of 1201 while SSTI has a forward P / E of 22389 We also note that RKT has a PEG ratio of 1.20 This popular metric is similar to the widely known P / E ratio except that the P / E ratio also takes into account the company’s expected earnings growth rate. SSTI currently has a PEG ratio of 1119

Another notable valuation metric for RKT is the P / E ratio of 682. The P / E ratio is used to compare the market value of a stock to its book value, which is defined as total assets minus total liabilities. For comparison, SSTI has a P / B of 1560

These are just some of the metrics that contribute to the RKT B and SSTI D scores

RKT is above SSTI thanks to its solid earnings outlook Based on these valuation figures, we currently consider RKT to be the superior value option

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Stocks of rocket companies (NYSE: RKT) rose 112% on Monday after interest rates retreated from their recent highs, the 10-year note is a key benchmark that tends to affect mortgage rates with the prospect of lower Mortgage rates bode well for Rocket Companies and its shareholders

“I think they are great and they did well,” Jim Cramer said to a caller during Mad Money’s Lightning Round segment Friday night, asking about Rocket Companies, the parent company of Quicken Loans and Rocket Mortgage Der Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) oscillator has been improving since November but has remained essentially near zero

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NEWSWIRES OR DISTRIBUTION IN THE UNITED STATES / TORONTO, 1 March 2021 / CNW / – VM Hotel Acquisition CorpV) is pleased to announce the completion (the “Closing”) of its IPO (the “Offering”) by 10000000 of the Company’s Class A Restricted Voting Units (the “Class A Restricted Voting Units”) at an Offer Price of U.

Novavax (NVAX) hopes its trial data from the UK and South Africa can be aggregated and used to apply for an Emergency Authorization (EAU) in the US to accelerate the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine

Lawrence Stroll, Aston Martin’s executive chairman, told the BBC that he wanted to build a company with a “luxury profile”

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles pleaded guilty on Monday for conspiring with company executives to make illegal, lavish gifts to United Auto Workers (UAW) leaders and to undermine workers’ confidence in collective bargainingS. District Judge Paul Borman said at a court hearing that he had accepted Fiat Chrysler’s guilty plea and set a sentencing date for Jan. Fiat Chrysler also agreed to a three-year probationary period and oversight by an independent compliance monitor to ensure federal labor laws are being adhered to

(Bloomberg) – Credit Suisse Group AG has suspended redemptions and subscriptions from a group of supply chain finance funds that invest in products sourced from financier Lex Greensill, with “significant uncertainties” regarding the valuation of some The suspension will take effect on 1 In effect on March 28, the Swiss bank said in a statement Credit Suisse is looking at ways to reduce ties with Greensill Capital amid concerns about the level of its exposure to U-affiliates Industrialist Sanjeev Gupta, said those familiar with the matter earlier Monday, “It is the fiduciary responsibility of Credit Suisse Asset Management to act in the best interests of investors in its funds,” said the bank. A portion of the fund’s assets are currently subject to significant uncertainties Regarding His Accurate Assessment “The funds were the focus of a review last year that resulted in a fund overhaul, including changes to how much exposure they can have in an individual borrower. Greensill, which is effective in selecting the assets of these funds, is under pressure advised, also by regulators in Germany for its involvement in Gupta For more articles like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay ahead of the curve with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP.

The savings glut pandemic has flooded German banks, encouraging them to charge negative interest rates on deposits and providing customers with ways to transfer money to other parts of Europe

A US. The National Security Commission on Monday recommended that Congress tighten the “bottlenecks” in chip manufacturing technology to prevent China from overtaking the US in semiconductors in the coming years, under the National Security Commission for Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI), headed by the former Google Chairman Eric Schmidt recommended restricting China’s ability to procure the manufacturing equipment needed to manufacture advanced computer chips “China is making an aggressive push to promote authoritarianism around the world,” an NSCAI official told Reuters >

(Bloomberg) – The freeze-driven formwork of core sections of the US. The refining system isn’t just good news for rival companies in Europe Down at the bottom of the barrel, losses deepen while U.S. Downtime means less competition for European refineries to supply gasoline and diesel on both sides of the Atlantic They also eliminate a major export market for what is left of the refining process – products known as heating oil, with much of the US. After the extreme weather in February, the Gulf Coast is in recovery mode Many of these barrels are in need of new homes, which has a negative impact on the margins of refineries that produce relatively large amounts of high-sulfur heating oil, “The US suddenly does not take on as many transatlantic loads per month “, said Hedi Grati, Director at IHS Markit.” It has to find another outlet. “Refineries on the Gulf Coast regularly import raw materials from the bottom of the barrel from Europe and Russia and convert them into Higher-quality fuels such as diesel and gasoline With so many breakdowns on the Gulf Coast, there is currently little appetite for such cargoes in this region, as a result of exports to the U.S. dirty petroleum products from Europe and Russia – including various grades of mostly sulfur-rich heating oil and vacuum gas oil – have sunk until 23 February versus January at 136000 barrels a day, or about 40%, and up about 50% year over year, according to tanker analyst Kpler, the numbers don’t include dirty shipments known to be low in sulfur, lack of demand, which led to a drop in demand for European Barrels, which helps to lower the value of high-sulfur heating oil compared to crude oil, the so-called crack spread. In north-western Europe, the measure recently fell to its lowest level since May “High-sulfur heating oil cracks in Europe – but also in the USAS The Gulf Coast and Singapore are under pressure from lower seasonal supply demand in the Middle East and refinery outages in the US as they use less fuel oil as a heavy feedstock, “said GratiS. Soil demand could prove short-lived But there is another declining factor on the horizon: OPEC could revive production, and the production of heavier, sulfur-containing crude oils should result in more sulfur-rich heating oil being produced Substitute essential light, sweet, US. Mostly middle acid crude which has a much higher HSFO yield, ”said Chris Barber, Principal of ESAI Energy.“ Should increase HSFO supply, ”he said. For more articles like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to get in touch with stay ahead of the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP.

Looking ahead, a Citi report suggests that Bitcoin “could become the currency of choice for international trade”

Pershing Square founder and CEO Bill Ackman tweeted six times in February.Three of the tweets became part of a new release by the company’s SPAC and could be important to SPAC investors and current shareholders What You Should Know: A new one Filing by Pershing Square Tontine Holdings (NYSE: PSTH) advises investors should follow Bill Ackman’s Twitter account (NYSE: TWTR) The disclosure includes three tweets from Ackman in response to questions from people on the site for social networks came “Done,” Ackman told an investor who asked if PSTH shareholders could be given the first preference to buy into the company’s second SPAC at IPO. “We have the technology,” Ackman replied to one Asked How the Company Would Confirm Who PSTH Long Shareholders Are “Yes,” Ackman told a user who asked the CEO to confirm that PSTH will announce a SPAC deal before de r Second Pershing Square SPAC Announces Deal Related Link: Why Kevin O’Leary Relies On Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square Tontine SPAC Why It Matters: Pershing Square Tontine Holdings went public in July 2020 and is one of the most widely used SPACs in the market Ackman’s tweets confirm a second SPAC will be launched from Pershing Square, which SpacTiger spotted on Twitter last week, confirming that PSTH will close a deal before the second SPAC could signal that the SPAC is about to Ackman and his company’s next SPAC could be a different size and targeting a different industry Investors have seen companies launch additional SPACs just before they announce deals for their SPACs that are currently on the market being publicly traded The other interesting part of Ackman’s tweets is the reward of the patient Many Shareholders Investors have seen several SPAC teams launch several special-purpose offers from acquisition companies. It will be interesting to see if the technology Ackman plans to use to give PSTH shareholders access to the team’s second SPAC will be interesting Ackman’s move could now allow more investors to invest in PSTH for early access to the second SPAC Ackman’s plan on the reward could also see other SPAC groups walking down the street after a similar move in PSTH price action: The Shares of Pershing Square Tontine Holdings trades unchanged at $ 2921 on Monday Shares have traded up to $ 3410 since the SPAC launched Image Source: CNBC Appearance For More Information on Benzinga, click here for Benzinga option tradesSpaceX Rival Rocket Lab Announces SPAC Deal: What Investors Need to Know Looking Back at the 25th Anniversary of Pokemon: Collector’s Box restaurants, video games and happy meals © 2021 Benzingacom Benzinga does not offer investment advice All rights reserved

Global stock markets rose and the S&P 500 had its best day since March 5th on Monday June, with investors taking a lower US Bond yields advance above $ 1 trillion in the face of optimism 9 trillion coronavirus relief bill and distribution of Johnson’s newly approved COVID-19 vaccine & Johnson Wall Street surge follows a surge in European stocks and solid gains in Asian equity markets Investor optimism That the J&J vaccine would further boost the economy “strengthens all” go-to-work “stocks that benefit from reopening companies,” said Jim Awad, senior managing director of Clearstead Advisors in New York >

Texas utility Brazos filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after collecting bills from massive outages during the February winter storm

Traders rely on the “smart contract” blockchain, which is said to compete with the market leader Ethereum, although it does not yet have any smart contract functionality

(Bloomberg) – Gold bugs are rewarded with better dividend prospects than investors in copper companies this year, although such perks can be short-lived, according to Bloomberg Intelligence’s annual Bloomberg Dividend Forecasts for Industry Groups, the precious metal miners are expected to be Dividends will more than double this year to beat copper producers ‘75% increase Next year everything is about, and copper company payouts will surpass gold miners’ dividends by 2023, with the outlook for copper improving and supporting investment in Base Metal Maker Industrial metal prices rose to their highest level since 2011 last month as a series of measures to stimulate economic growth is likely to cause copper consumption to exceed short-term supply of copper used in wiring, electronics Gold miners are under pressure after spot bar prices fell 16% from all-time highs reached in August Port metal prices are due to better prospects for the global economy, outflows from exchange-traded gold funds and the expectation of higher inflation down Barrick Gold Corp and Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd are among the 13 companies in the Bloomberg Intelligence group for gold producers, while Freeport-McMoRan Inc and Anglo American Plc are among those in the 30-strong copper group gold bullion producers have rewarded investors with dividend increases better than copper companies in recent years, as they have been able to generate excess money from higher gold prices, AngloGold Ashanti Ltd The dividend has more than quintupled this week after the record gold price boosted earnings after similar moves by competitors like Newmont Corp. For more articles like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP.

Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhous US. The extradition hearing resumed Monday in a Canadian court The defense contradicted prosecutor’s allegations that Meng misled HSBC about the Chinese telecommunications company’s relationship with its subsidiary while doing business in Iran. When five days of hearings began in the British Columbia Supreme Court, the defense focused on the alleged sanctions violations That led to Meng’s arrest, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei’s daughter is accused by the US of misleading HSBC about their company’s business dealings in Iran, which led to the collapse of Bank US Sanctions

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